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I have a WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage running firmware
2.10.310. I want to know how do I properly shut down this device. I have gone into the Dashboard SETTINGS - UTILITIES but all I see is a reboot option. I have also tried using the drop-down for my user profile and once again only see a reboot option.

What am I missing here? How am I supposed to properly shut down this device?

It should be an option in the Admin user drop-down menu. See pic below.


On single bay My Cloud units running v04.04.01-112 firmware there is an option to shut down the unit via the Dashboard > Settings > Utilities > Device Maintenance > Shutdown. Check to see if there is a similar option with the v2.x firmware.

With the first gen My Cloud units one can also use SSH to issue a shutdown or reboot command. I assume something similar can be done with the second gen units running v2.x firmware. One can use Plink.exe, a part of the Putty program, to send the command. Plink can be downloaded from this link:

Here are the call’s I use both in a batch (.bat) file on my computer (that reside in the same directory as Plink) and in SSH Button on my Android phone. Note on the SSH Button app one only uses the actual SSH call like /sbin/shutdown -h -P now. Obviously replace the IP address correct value for your setup.

Shutdown and power off:
plink.exe -ssh -l root -pw welc0me /sbin/shutdown -h -P now

Shutdown only:
plink.exe -ssh -l root -pw welc0me /sbin/shutdown -r now

Power off only:
plink.exe -ssh -l root -pw welc0me

plink.exe -ssh -l root -pw welc0me
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Hi, I also have a my cloud, however I can only see the reboot button and not the shutdown button. Does anyone know why this is? and I am also signed in as an admin.

The shutdown button for v4.x firmware is located at Dashboard > Settings > Utilities > Device Maintenance > Device Power > Shutdown.

I have included a photo of that above and the only option is to reboot

It would appear your using a v2.x My Cloud. The v2.x My Cloud User Manual claims to indicate two places in the user manual where there is a shutdown option yet both locations, page 32 and page 63, do not appear to show an actual shutdown button.

If there is no actual button to shutdown the v2.x My Cloud one can, as explained above still shutdown the My Cloud using SSH.

While I don’t use the WD Quick View software it is possible that software also has the option to shutdown the My Cloud. The WD Quick View software can be downloaded from the WD Support site.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look

I spent some time on the phone with WD tech support. They remoted into my computer to look for themselves. Sure enough, the shutdown button was nowhere to be found. Not in the Device Maintenance section and not in the user drop-down area. The tech support folks believe they may have mistakenly left it out in the last firmware update. They don’t understand why they would leave it off. The last thing they told me was they would escalate the problem to the next level support. I’m assuming to get a new firmware update created.

Rather than wait to see what happens, I returned my drive. I just don’t feel safe about yanking the power cord from a violently spinning drive with 4TB of data.

I take it you didn’t try using SSH to issue the shutdown command?

Looks like I will just have to keep it plugged in until its sorted, thanks for the reply

I did not and neither did WD’s support people. I don’t think I should have to rely on a different interface to shut it down. Poor firmware design.

Yes it is poor firmware design and very poor quality control/beta testing of that firmware that they didn’t catch the fact there isn’t a shutdown button like there is on the v4.x firmware.

However, it is a simple matter of creating a batch file on one’s computer to send the shutdown command via SSH to the My Cloud to shut it down or to reboot it. One, if using Windows, simply double clicks on the batch file and it will trigger the shutdown on the My Cloud. There are even mobile apps one can use to send the shutdown command. As mentioned above, I use an app called SSH Button on my Android phone to issue the shutdown command. Makes it really easy to shut down the My Cloud without having to access the Dashboard.

You give up to soon!
There is a small and simple utility called WD Accesses I use daily to turn on and turn off.

see link

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Looks like this tool came out a week after I returned my unit. Maybe they really did escalate my ticket to the next level.

Does this mean that wake on lan is enabled on this device?


No. The Wake-On-Lan topic has been discussed previously. Currently the single bay My Cloud doesn’t appear to support the feature. The NIC hardware has to support that option and it doesn’t appear it does. Here are just a few prior threads discussing the issue, do a search for others.

I was talking about the gen 2. How can the WD accesses turn the My Cloud on? Of not
wake on lan. Does that mean it will turn on a gen 1 My Clloud?


My guess is that much like the Gen 1 My Cloud, one cannot turn the Gen 2 My Cloud back on with WD Access once turned off. In one of the links I provided above a user of a Gen 2 My Cloud dumped the info from the NIC and it indicated wake on lan was not supported.

The WD Access program doesn’t have the option to turn the Gen 1 My Cloud back on once turned off as evidenced by the two screen captures below. First screen capture shows the option to Shut Down, the second screen capture shows what options are available once the My Cloud is shut down. The only solution is to power cycle the My Cloud to reboot it.

Tulak What model are you turning on and off?