Firmware 2.21.111 my cloud gen 2 no shutdown


I have just purchased a WD My Cloud 4TB 2Gen and on firmware 2.21.111.

It seemed that there is no shutdown/power off for this firmware.

Only get to see a reboot.

Any advice???

This issue is well discussed in numerous prior threads (see links below). One can use the WD “Quick View” taskbar icon that gets installed with certain WD programs to issue the shutdown command. Other options are explained in the threads below.

I have a 2TB single bay MyCloud on a Mac. It has no Shutdown in the Dashboard and the Quickview panel does not install on my system (MacOS 10.12.3). It is a shame that WD does not repair this issue!
In the meantime I found a solution using applescript via terminal and SSH.
First enable SSH for the MyCloud in the dashboard, leaving the user name ‘sshd’ and giving it a password.
Here is the applescript:
(You have to replace everything between <…>, i.e. the url of the Mycloud and your SSH password; don’t use the <>).