No shutdown anymore and no mount option that works

Bought a 2T WD MC yesterday. I looked at what others said and was encouraged by how flexible the product seemed. Unfortunately I was reading about old versions. For some insane reason WD appears to have changed their software to restrict the use of this product. For starters there’s no longer a power down option in utilities i.e. if you need to power down you need to yank the power cord and hope for the best, knowing there’s a good chance you’ll lose data.

The most insane restriction is on accessing data. I’ve bought and paid for 2T of space - how on earth does it benefit WD to make it so difficult to mount folders in this space I OWN!?! Of course I could use ssh and go in there and undo their crazy restrictions but, if I go to activate this feature, it warns me that doing so will invalidate my warranty!

If I don’t get any joy out of it in the next 24h it’ll have to go back. Can’t spend that kind of money for a product that can’t deliver. Pity, because it’s a good looking piece of kit, but I didn’t buy it to look good!

Good inaugural rant. We’ve all been there…

Mount folders? What exactly are you trying to do, on what operating system? Remember, it’s a NAS, not an external HDD, and you access it as a file server, not as a simple disk drive.

The MyCloud supports ‘shares’, which are, essentially, a user’s top level folder, but you can also create other shares, in addition to the pre-existing Public share.

Once you have a ‘share’, it can be mapped into your operating system’s file system, after which you can treat it like any other local disk drive (even though it’s a NAS).

You need to take care when mapping in windows, since windows won’t let you use mixed credentials to access network drives. Therefore, you must map all shares (including Public) using the credentials of one MyCloud User.

If you haven’t already, you should download and read the User Manual.

ps. sadly, the user manual will tell you there’s a shutdown button…

Download “WD Quickview” … it has the Power Down option for all Gen2 models.

We know. :wink: Numerous prior threads discuss the lack of a shutdown option with the newer v2.x firmware. There are a variety of methods to shut down the newer gen v2.x My Clouds including using WD Quick View previously mentioned, modifying the Dashboard page with a web browser to temporarily unhide the shut down button, and using SSH to issue the shutdown command.

Past discussion on the missing shutdown button for newer gen My Clouds and some workarounds:

Not sure what your talking about here. One can create the intial Shares through the Dashboard and from there use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to create sub folders.

Further one can “map” those shares or sub folders within a Share to their computer.

You really should read, if you haven’t already, the; My Cloud Dashboard Help, the My Cloud User Manual (, and the various My Cloud Learning How To content ( and to understand the My Cloud and learn about how to use its various features.