How i Turn OFF

Hello, I just update my WD My Cloud-3TB and realized that the entire layout has changed and I can no longer find the option to turn off (or sleeping) in the software has nothing also.


Looks like your viewing the My Cloud through the web portal interface. Don’t recall being able to shut down the My Cloud via the web portal (or the older web portal) or when using the WD My Cloud mobile apps.

Apparently the v2.x firmware My Cloud’s are missing the Shutdown option within the My Cloud Dashboard (or were in previous v2.x firmware versions).

Typically one can shut down the My Cloud on the local network by clicking on the Shutdown button (for v4.x firmware versions) from within the My Cloud Dashboard. One can also shut down the My Cloud using the WD Access software. It is also possible to issue the shutdown command (again for v4.x firmware versions) using SSH.

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