How to I power off my WD My Cloud?

I have a My Cloud single bay.
It is runnig OS 5 and the firware version is 5.17.107

If I am logge on as te Admin locally, I can’t seem to find anywhere to power the My Cloud down.
How would I do this ?

I see that if I remote into the device, I see a power down option.

But what do I do if I don’t have internet access to the My Cloud.

I am planning on moving my network gear (which includes the My Cloiud) a couple of time over the next 2 weeks.

What is the PROPER way fro me to power down the device before moving it ?

See the following WD Knowledge Base article.

How to Shut Down a My Cloud Device

Thanks for the quick reply.
The article, dosen’t mention firmware version 5.17.107 which does not have a shutdown option. (Please see the attached screen shot from MY My Cloud.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for considering my issue and for your reply.
I found the following You Tube video.
No power button
But, I was unable to follow it because, well I don’t get an “inspect” option like is shown in the video.
If you watchit, you can ski[ about 3/4 of the way through it to te actual solution.

Aha !
I need to “Right click” on the Reboot option.
I GET it now, thanks.
Now, I’ll try to continue following the instructions in the video and see what luck I have.
Thanks so very much.


Do you have Quick View? I have it and a right click on the icon shows my two devices. I select my OS5 device and here is what shows.


The v5.x firmware is OS5. That article indicates using the OS5 web app.

For what ever reason the “shut down” option has long been an issue on the My Cloud devices. WD changed the option to “hibernate” on the v2.x and apparently the v5.x firmware. While the older v4.x (OS3) single bay My Cloud units still have a “shut down” option. To make things worse for the second generation single bay My Cloud OS3/v2.x firmware, WD removed the shutdown/hibernation option entirely. Forcing users to use a browser trick that was mentioned above to unhide or activate the shutdown/hibernate option. Some were resorting to using SSH to issue the shutdown/halt command to their My Cloud due to the missing option. There are a numerous past complaints about it in the OS3 subforum. Because you are using a second gen single bay running OS5 the shutdown/hibernate option may not appear, where for multi bay OS5 users the option may appear.

On the single bay My Cloud the unit still draws power to the mother board/back plane after triggering a shutdown/halt/hibernate command. Basically these commands just stop disk activity and stop/shutdown the My Cloud operating system. The only way to actually power off the single bay My Cloud is to remove/pull the power cord from the back of the unit after one issues the shutdown/hibernation/halt command.

And of course if one reads the OS5 online user manual ( they’ll see WD indicates there is “Shutdown” option under the “Information Icons”.

Sorry for the late reply. (I had to leave for work last night right after my lat post.)
And thanks for the reply

I DON’T really know what “Quick view” is. (Although I did a Google search on it and it SOUNDS like it would not be anything I would have installed on my laptop.)
And I can’t seem to generate any kind of menu that shows “Quick view” as an option.

Good morning.
Thanks for the reply.
Interesting information. (I didn’t know any of it.)

The web brower app actualy DOES have an option to power down the My Cloud.
AND, it actually works.
And until such time (if any) as a “Power down” option suddenly appears somewhere, I’ll remeber to use it if I need it.
Uring the next few days I will be changing Internet providers and moving my computer gear.
So, there is going to be a time where I will ONLY have local access to the My Cloud.
I guess I’ll just have to plan accordingly.

Alright then.
I can now report that, based on the instructions in the YouTube video, I can successfully change the style sheet and force a “Hibernate” button to appear along with Reboot and Logout selections. (Please see attachment.)
AND, it actually works.
Once clicked, I get a Hibernate confirmation screen and when I click on “continue”, the My Cloud actually shuts down.

Of course as the video presenter states, changing the style sheet is temporary. (Cuz the change was made to the code already loaded in the browser and not the code on the hard disk.)

I’m happy cuz now I can shut down my equipment as my equipment moving requirements dictate.

Who knows, maybe WD will make the YouTube video documented change permanent some day.
Changing “none” to “block”, doesn’t “seem” like all that big a deal but, what do I know.![2021-10-12_7-

Thanks to everyone for your help.