How to shutdown mycloud single 3TB

I’ve just got this kit yesterday and don’t really want to leave it running 24/7. I’ve read some posts on how to shutdown but all I have on my dashboard is “reboot” using Version 2.30.165. Is there a way of doing it without just pulling the plug. Inappropriate shutdown.

Thanks in advance


I will find out if the MyCloud has a shutdown console command when I get home in a few hours. If so, sending it an rsh command to shutdown would probably work.

@stevet781 Look at this prior discussion on this topic, Missing Shutdown Button on Dashboard.

If this does not help you can search the Knowledge Base.

Yes, use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, as there are numerous discussions on how to shut down the v2.x firmware single bay My Cloud units.

They range from using SSH to issue the shutdown command, to using a web browser hack (see this link) to trigger the My Cloud Dashboard to issue the proper shutdown command, to using WD Quick View to issue the shutdown command from your computer.

WD Quick View for Windows:
WD Quick View for Mac:

Or see the following WD Knowledgebase article:

Thanks all, I’m not confident enough to go into the SSH option so it’ll be pulling the plug until WD come up with and updated solution.

They have shown no intention to fix the problem, which has been known since the gen2 device was launched. You’d better learn how to use one of the alternative methods.

Chances are good there will be NO update to the v2.x Dashboard to fix this issue. People have been asking for WD to bring back the Shutdown option in the v2.x Dashboard since the initial release of the second gen My Cloud units over a year ago.

The current method for shutting down the v2. My Cloud was mentioned in the support document that was linked above:

WD Software Shut Down Option

WD Quick View, WD App Manager (Sync and Access) include a Shutdown option that can be used to power off a My Cloud.

Use WDquickview , it has a shutdown option.

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Guys, from what I can gather WDQuickview is not compatible with IOS 10.12 Sierra, which is what I’m running on both my mac’s I have tried to install it but always fails.

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I think I’ve found the shutdown tab, by accident. Installed Access Setup which will put an icon on the top bar from there the dropdown menu give you the following options WD Mycloud > upload files, open, settings, properties, shutdown and it works. Happy Days. Of course you have to pull the mains and plug back in to boot. Sorry shouldn’t really reply to ones own post but thought I’d share.

Correct. As previously indicated above in the WD Support link; the WD Quick View and WD App Manager (Sync and Access) include a Shutdown option.

Also have this problem. And the extension hack doesn’t ‘pack’ to chrome, I just get an error in chrome (am following the installation instructions).

EDIT: Ignore re. extension hack (I was selecting the wrong folder!). But Quick view problem on mac still seems to be an issue.
EDIT 2: So I now see the ‘Hibernate’ option, could anyone else clarify that using this option is correct shut down procedure (ie: I can safely unplug the device having selected this option)?


Hi Leo, That’s what I do, run the shutdown and unplug. Haven’t had any problems or loss of data. However I’m still trying to get my head around this machine. Don’t know about Windows stuff I only use Mac’s, Sorry

See the WD Support document detailing how to shut down a My Cloud Device. Its posted again below (as well as being in the post right above yours). It explains that one can use the Hibernate option to shut down a My Cloud units.

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Hi Steve,

Have you found a work around to install WDQuickview?
I have the same issue with my Macbook Pro 2012 and WD My Cloud 3 TB single bay.

Cheers Chris

Chris, no, but would love to hear it. I was using WD Access but that menu has changed and no longer has the shutdown option.