Shutdown mycloud?

I still dont have MyCloud but i am reading the user manual.
There is written that MC can be rebooted or logged out, but also “can be savely shut down”. But there is no describtion of how, where is this feature to be found in the dashboard?

Do a forum search, using the magnifying glass icon upper right, for “shut down” or “shutdown” and you’ll find this subject has been well discussed. The User Manual does mention (do a search for “shutdown” or “shut down” in the PDF) shutting down a second generation My Cloud (running v2.x firmware), even though the actual shutdown button within the My Cloud Dashboard is (for what ever reason) hidden by CSS coding so it cannot be (easily) selected. See page’s 32 and 63 in the v2.x My Cloud User Manual for mention of the shutdown option. The user is forced to use WD Quick View which will allow one to shut down a second generation v2.x My Cloud or use SSH to issue the shutdown command.

Here are just a few past discussions on the shutdown issue. Do a search for more.

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Now I have created BookMarkLet which i need to click when in Settings->Utility page on dashboard
to show me hibernate option which let me shut down the device.

create bookmark with below location