Safe shutdown

Have you seen the following WD Support document?

Please note that most people here on this support forum are users such as yourself who came here for one reason or another and have stayed to help others. If you want to talk to WD Support then contact them directly.

Yes. To turn off power to the single bay My Cloud units one has to remove the power cord from either the wall or the My Cloud unit. The My Cloud is designed to be left on 24/7.

This issue of a lack of a Dashboard shutdown for the v2.x single bay My Cloud units has been well discussed in this subforum. You can find many past discussions using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. Several of those past discussions (including this current discussion) explain how to use SSH to issue the “halt” command to cause the My Cloud to enter hibernation mode.


I meant that I already spoke with WD support and the answer is the one I put and that matches yours. The WD Support document as the reference already read and also talk about the option ibernación that does not exist in our model. Luckily in other forums like the ones that say talk about how to turn it off with ssh because WD Support does not provide much more help from their product.

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There may be a problem in translation here, but, to be clear:

Bennor is not WD Support, and does not work for WD.
I am not WD Support, and do not work for WD.

It is very rare for anyone from WD Support to respond on these forums.


You indicated previously you tried WD Access. But did you try WD Quick View as the WD Support How to Shutdown a My Cloud Device document also indicates?

WD Quick View for Windows:

WD Quick View for Mac:


Not able to post link in the answer so follow this link for the easy browser shut down instructions

The funny part is they already have this feature in the dashboard utility but for some strange reasons they made it hidden.
so this page provides the bookmark which can be dragged to the bookmark bar of the browser and can be used on the settings->utility page to enable shutdown option.


on the webpage you posted above, pointing on the link to the bookmark it shows
But in your previous post here Shutdown mycloud? the location is

So is the location path on the webpage posted here above incomplete?

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Thanks for notifying
i corrected the link now

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you are wellcome.

does this “trick” work on Android devices/mobile webbrowsers? Does it work on Win7/Win10 machines?

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it works where there is browser with bookmark bar on any OS/Device

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Has anyone tried this as a parameter to a shortcut/launcher?

I know you can do things like “firefox” (for example), to bring up the web page for the device.

Does anyone know if it is possible to add the javascript to the launcher/shortcut to make it self-executing?

Maybe it’s time for someone to write an extension for Firefox/Chrome, or an ActiveX control for IE that does a WD My Cloud shutdown?

Jim (JR)

Is this for the Gen-1 or Gen-2 devices?

It is already well known that the code for the shutdown button is commented out on the Gen-1 devices but does not exist on the Gen-2 devices.

Can someone clarify this for the benefit of those who look for this topic in the future?


Jim (JR)

I just tried that with my gen2. It shows hibernate after doing so.

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Dont know if this is a valid option, but is it possible to put an auto run file with the shutdown command on a usb stick, so that when you insert the stick into the MyCloud device, the shutdown is initiated.

Effectively using the usb stick as a “power off switch”.

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I also have this issue (and others due to poor firmware). Anyway the tool is called “WD Access for Windows” and the (new) link is “Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support” and I’m about to try it.

[UPDATE] Possibly handy for something but this tool has no shutdown (or reboot) options.

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In chrome copying:


(from the “shortcut” above) into the address bar while on that page worked (note that I had to retype the prefix “javascript:”, probably a security feature)

The last thing I need is another shortcut :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have an idea how to make this permanent on a Gen-2 device?

If you point to the “reboot” button in Firefox and then select “inspect element”, you will note a few lines above it the shutdown code with “display:none” (or something like that) selected.

I can run the javascript, or unselect that element, and a “hibernate” button appears.

Jim (JR)

It seems that installing “WD Quick View” might be an easier solution. In the mean time its a firmware bug that should be reported. I’m going to guess someone had the idea of creating an “advanced” view then forgot to do so.

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It has been reported to WD numerous times both here in this subforum and in the Cloud Ideas subforum to no avail. The missing Shutdown option in the Dashboard on the second generation single bay v2.x My Cloud units has been requested almost since the initial release of the second generation single bay My Cloud units over two years ago.

WD has decided, for what ever reason, not to implement a Shutdown option through the My Cloud Dashboard on the v2.x single bay unit’s firmware.

Here is one such request in the Cloud Ideas forum from 2016:

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Are either or these locations considered “official” by WD? In any case I have added my comments to the cloud idea as should anyone else who cares.

WD seem not to care, they need to be encouraged, so here is my effort:

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  1. In your browser create bookmark with “link”:
    javascript: document.getElementById(“home_shutdown_link”).click();

  2. Log into MyCloud web interface.

  3. Click on bookmark.