Missing Shutdown Button on Dashboard

I was moving home but struggled to find the Shutdown button to safely turn off the WD mycloud. I believe I must have got the 2nd gen. I read a few earlier posts about this issue, but didn’t see any effective solution. I contacted WD service and support a while ago, and I got the answer below:

"Depending on the firmware version you have on your My Cloud will depend on the shutdown option.

If you have the 1st generation you will find the shutdown option on the dashboard, it is located under Settings -Utilities - Device Maintenance - Device Power - Shutdown.

If you have the 2nd generation however there is no shutdown button on the dashboard, you would only need to pull the power on the device."

I was very disappointed to see the answer. Apparently physically pulling the power is the last thing you want to do on a spinning hard drive, but I had no other choice so that’s what I did. I now have to relocate my router to a different room, and the mycloud needs to move too. I am very annoyed that after such a long time this firmware issue is still not fixed!

Can another please provide any advise about what I should do to reduce the risk of damaging the drive (I got almost 2T data on it)?

In the forum someone explained how to access the system, edit the html code of the firmware and add the button.
search it

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. this issue is well discussed in past discussions with a number of workarounds including using WD QuickAccess.


WD Quick Access can be downloaded from the WD Support site:


Or see the following WD Knowledge Base article:


You can always also run WDQuickview on your PC , you can shutdown from the options there.