What happened to the Shutdown option on the Dashboard?

I see the Dashboard only provides options to Reboot and Logoff, the Shutdown option is gone. Other than just unplugging the device, how are we supposed to power off our MyCloud devices now?

Hi buddy,
can you upload a Screen shot?

that what I have…

here ya go!

There are some strange things happen some time with that device, try to Reboot it and let me know if it helps

Rebooted per your suggestion. no change. Also, the “Settings/Utilities” used to have the shutdown option as well, right? I don’t see it there either, nor in the current User Manual. Guess I’ll be calling WD when they open in a couple hours :frowning:

Are you on the same Firmware release (2.21.111)? I just got this replacement device yesterday and updated the firmware.

no man, i’m on v04.04.03-113

and i do have a shudown option

“Device Maintenance”:
Device Power Shutdown Reboot

This issue, no shutdown button in v2.x firmware, has been discussed in several prior threads. There is a bug in the v.2x Dashboard HTML code that hides the Power Off button in the v2.x Dashboard. Please see the following threads for potential workarounds. So far WD has ignored fixing this issue (it is a stupid simple 5 second CSS/HTML code fix) in the past several v2.x firmware versions.



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Thanks Bennor. I had search on Power Off, instead of Shutdown, so I did not find the prior threads.

I just called WD Support. I was told to just unplug the device, since removal of the Shutdown option on the dashboard was intentional.

If possible issue the shutdown command before pulling the power plug. Some, including myself have experienced file corruption when just pulling the power. That is why there is discussion on using SSH to issue the shutdown command in the above linked threads. Or use WD Access taskbar program that has the shutdown option.

I suspect that is a madey-uppy story. I can see no good reason to remove it. Support don’t really know much about the design or development of the device.

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It should be noted that the v2.x My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705147.pdf) specifically mention the Shutdown option on the Dashboard at least TWICE (page 32, 63). The words “shut down” is mentioned more than twice in the v2.x User Manual.

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Thanks cpt_paranoia and Bennor. I so agree that simply unplugging the device is not the answer and that I got a made-up story from Tech Support. I had also submitted a case online. Just got that response that says:

"We would recommend you to please download the ‘WD Quick View’ Application.

Click in the link below and click in downloads:

After that, click in the lower right corner of your computer > click in WD Quick View > select the My Cloud and click in shut down."

Hopefully, the WD developers will add the Shutdown button back in the next release of firmware. It’s clearly a mistake that needs to be fixed.