How to shutdown mycloud 4tb

Is there a way to shutdown my cloud safely and turn it on manually?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Srihyd wrote:

Is there a way to shutdown my cloud safely

Yes, via the dashboard.

To turn it back on, the power must be removed and re-attached.

Tony, I am not able to find this option in the dashboard. Can you please guide me?

I am having firmware version v03.04.01-219.

Sorry, I just found it thanks!


SInce you had already found the solution , It would be really great if you could tell us where did you  find the same option in the Dashboard. 

I m using a WD 2TB my Cloud NAS and unable to find the same.

Hi Karthik,

Just go to “Settings” tab on your Dashboard, then “Utilities”, then “Device Maintenance” down the page, where you’ll find “Device Power” [Shutdown] [Reboot]

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Thanks Mirador,  I got it now.


Thanks Mirador :smileyvery-happy:

For all those who need it.

 You can do a Shutdown in Quick View too if you have it setup. See image below.


After your My Cloud has shut down unplug the power and when you are ready to use it again plug it back in and wait for it to boot.

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