How to turn on Mycloud after shutting off from Dashboard

Hello …

I have just started using the device, so please bear with me. The last time, I shut down Mycloud using dashboard shutdown option.

My question is, how do I turn it back on again? Because the device is off, dashboard is not able to connect.

I can disconnect the power cord and reconnect but it would be very surprising if this was the intended mode of turning it back on.

Please help … how do I turn it back on because the device lacks a physical turn on/off switch.


Officially there is no method to turn the my cloud back on after it is shut down using the shutdown option by the Dashboard or the SSH or via the mycloud software.

If you do a subform search you’ll see this question has been asked and discussed in the past with no real solution other than removing power and then reapplying power to the My Cloud.

Edit to add: The my cloud is designed to be left on 24/7. There does not appear to be a wake-on-lan either.