Powering off mycloud

Hi, is there away to power off my cloud other than pulling the power lead? on my older cloud it use to have a shut down tab at the top now it just as a reboot option. The reason i ask is at night i dont like to leave my things on i preffer to switch everything off when i go to bed. thank’s

Use the forum search feature and search for “shutdown”. There are numerous past discussion, including recent one’s, on various ways both official and unofficial to shut down the single bay v2.x My Cloud units as well as the older v4.x single bay My Cloud units.


Recent discussion:

WD has a knowledgebase article on how to shutdown the My Cloud unit(s).


Currently on my first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud I use SSH Button app for Android on my mobile device to shutdown the My Cloud at night or when not using the device for long periods of time.

Yes just found the info in the forum thank you.