Help w/ bat file to Trigger My Cloud Shutdown upon PC Shutdown

I need a little help writing a bat file that will shutdown my My Cloud 4th Personal Cloud NAS device when the PC is shutdown. I have a battery backup that will autoshutdown the PC when the power goes out. I need the NAS also to shutdown when the power goes out. This is for a small office in which I am not present for 12-16 hours a day. Somebody that knows how to write a bat file, please help.

Before anyone asks:

— I have searched the forums and found similar issues but not enough to accomplish my task.
— Budgetary challenges prevent me from buying a battery backup or another NAS.
— I am running Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i7 2.8GHz, 16GB Ram.

Again, I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me write this thing. I know enough to be dangerous.


Check out this link. I found it using a search plink shutdown. You should be able to run plink from a bat file.

I saw that when doing a search. I guess I’m a bit uneducated on this subject. What are Putty and Plink?

You can download the programs here:

The programs are used to access or issue SSH commands. Putty is the SSH and Telnet client itself. And Plink is a command-line interface to the PuTTY back end.

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Ok, so once I download and install Putty and Plink, I just need to create a.bat file using the command line above and that should do it, right? And change the IP address, obviously.

YOu do not “install” putty or plink rather just unzip the files into a folder on your computer. Then create the BAT file and either put it in the same folder as putty/plink or modify the code in the BAT file to point to the directory containing Putty/Plink. Edit the IP address in the example previously mentioned so it matches YOUR My cloud IP address. Same goes for the password (pw). Change it to match your SSH password.