Wake on LAN


I have my 3TB My Cloud connected to my Asus RT-AC68U router. I’ve noticed everytime i surf the net or do something which activates the router it wakes up the mycloud as well which is really annoying. So literally it hardly sleeps if someone is surfing the net.

I’m no networking expert but is there a way of preventing the mycloud to wake everytime the router is accessed? Im so frustrated with this and other issues, im thinking of packing up both of my mycloud boxes and returning them for a synology.


btw i’ve setup my remote connection on the mycloud nas to manual using port forwarding rather than automatic (specifying ports manually), not sure if this may be a symptom of the mycloud box staying awake when anyone surfs the net?

Well, the My Cloud doesn’t support WoL, so I have no idea what you’re seeing.

Besides, WoL only exists to POWER UP a device over the LAN.    So are you saying you’re actually POWERING DOWN the Cloud and it’s powering itself on anyway?

May be im using the wrong terminology. When the MyCloud is asleep, and it stays sleeping so as long as there is no one accessing the router for anything i.e. surfing the net etc. As soon as someone starts surfing the net, the MyCloud wakes up and continue to stay awake and never sleeps while people are surfing the web etc. Only when everyone has stopped accessing the router for surfing for say 1hr, then it manages to fall back to sleep.

Any ideas why this might be happening? I know router broadcasts to all of its ethernet ports and thats what’s likely starting up the MyCloud initially but i would assume the mycloud should not stay on for the entire duration of activity related to the router?

Harpy1976 wrote:

Any ideas why this might be happening? 

None at all.   Browsing the web would be unseen by the Cloud.    The network packets wouldn’t even be seen at the Cloud’s network port…  it’s blissfully unaware that anything that’s NOT talking to it is on the network.

So, my guess is that there are devices that, in addition to “surfing the web” ARE actually talking to the My Cloud – if nothing else, it could be Windows’ system processes that look to see what shares are available on servers that it finds with network discovery, or the Cloud is waking itself up to do system tasks, etc.

But the root of the question is:   Why does it matter?  I’m not trashing your opinion, but I couldn’t care less if my cloud is sleeping or awake.   :wink:

Well its only tablets accessing the net, and only one device has the mycloud mobile app which is closed and not running in the background when its not in use. Well im puzzled, i was hoping to avoid the disk churning away and wearing out sooner which is my main concern. I’ve been riddled with issues since the new firmware so I’ll have to think of another nas solution…