My Cloud wakes up suddenly


I’ve got a rather annoying issue with my new WD MyCloud. It suddenly wakes up around 1 AM. I’ve set the device to look for updates at 3am, once a week. I also secured it with passwords and users, but somehow when it’s in stand-by, it wakes up without me doong anything. Anyone any experience with this issue?

The NAS is a full-on Linux computer in and of itself.

Just because YOU are doing something doesn’t mean that IT is not doing something… :wink:

For example, it could be that the RAMlog has filled up, and is pushing the data down to the disk.

It could be that it’s detected that your external WAN IP address has changed and is updating its own information to see if it needs to re-register with the Cloud service.

It could be that its own DHCP address has expired and it has to load the dhcpd process off disk/swap to re-lease the address.

There’s any number of things that could be waking it up.

But where is the log to find out what is going on? And what is waking it up?

Please see my topic “MyCloud’s HDD spins up and down on its own” if symptoms are similar. Sounds like it to me.