Cannot find power-off button in dashboard (v2.11.133)

I cannot find how to safely shutdown My Cloud from the dashboard.

Settings > Utilities > Device Maintenance menu section is missing this option. I only got Reboot there.

I don’t know if this shows up or not on the Dashboard of V2.11.133. See image below.


I think it called Hibernate now.

We had some past discussion on this with the v2.x firmware and the fact the v2.x My Cloud User Manual even mentions there being an option to Shutdown the device but no “Shutdown” button being available in the actual v2.x Dashboard. As explained in that thread one may be able to use SSH to issue the “Shutdown” command. The previous thread:

It could be a browser issue. (Yep!) It affected my DL2100. I was missing an option button in the Settings. It was an important option, (manually update firmware from a file,) and it is described and pictured in the manual. Another user suggested I try a different browser, I did, and button was there! Browser that did not see it is Chrome; browser that sees it is IE. Otherwise, both browsers show everything else.

Here is everything I got: