Where is my 9 digit device code

Hi all
My device is My Cloud 3TB
Number of Drive Bays: Single Drive
Ive looked every where. Its meant to be on the bottom of the mycloud device next to a locked padlock icon but none of those numbers work.the picture is my bottom information .

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you have the older my cloud. there is no 9 digit code for the version you have. The newly released My Cloud home is the only one that has a 9 digit code.

you will need to scroll down a little on www.mycloud.com and use the sign in for My Cloud.

If you are setting it up for the first time use www.mycloud.com/setup

Looks like this new MyCloud.com is going to be a whole world of pain for users unless WD make it much clearer to users how to log in for the growing number of MyCloud products.



agreed agreed agreed…

Why has this not been addressed yet? I have an older one (bought in September) and still don’t have it set up because I don’t have a 9 digit code! This is embarrassing for WD…I had to research on my own regarding my BRAND NEW PRODUCT in order to discover that in rolling out your new platform there is NOTHING in it to incorporate recent products?

Have you bought a MyCloud?

Or a MyCloud Home?

The former doesn’t use a 9-digit code.

The latter does use a 9-digit code.

There is NOTHING to address as the single bay My Cloud units DO NOT have a 9 digit device code. If you bought a My Cloud Home device, which is a completely different product, then you should have a 9 digit code to setup the My Cloud Home device.

For the single bay My Cloud the entire setup can be done through the My Cloud Dashboard.


For remote access to a single bay My Cloud using the MyCloud.com web portal one should NOT select the My Cloud Home link, rather they use the My Cloud link: http://files.mycloud.com/login.php

I am a new WD user with an 8TB My Book and have been frustrated trying to get the thing to work on my iMac. I found this old thread and hope it will get some answers. I could not find the 9-digit number because apparently my “new” device is not that new even though it is copyrighted 2018, which is newer than this post to which I am replying! I went to www.mycloud.com/setup and the system does not even see the My Book which is attached to it. It says “My Cloud device not found. Try again?” I cannot go any further, so I hope someone helps me. In the mean time, I will keep reading!

The My Book and My Cloud devices are different devices. Only the My Cloud Home, which is as not the same as a My Cloud, uses the nine didget code.


If it is a “My Book”; this would act like a standard vanilla plug-n-play external drive.

If it is a “mac” version. . .you should just be able to see it in whatever passes for a file explorer in the mac world. No setup required.
If it is a standard PC version. . . not sure how it will appear (if at all). Others might be able to provide insight (beyond “reformat”)

Wondering how WD can sale such bad products that are NOT working.
They are just good to finish in the bin and I will never buy these products anymore.
I am very disappointed about this company.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.
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What isn’t working?

You do realize that you have chosen to complain (without providing any details on your issues) in a year old thread that deals with something that is not related to the single bay/single drive My Cloud, right? The single bay/single drive My Cloud (the general subject of this My Cloud subforum) does not use a 9 digit device code.

IMPORTANT\ 35pxx45px Important:

The 9 digit activation code cannot be found on, is not required and is not needed for the following WD Products:

  • My Passport, My Book, WD Elements, EasyStore, Gaming Drive

  • My Passport Wireless, Pro, SSD

  • My Book Live, My Book Live Duo

  • My Cloud, Mirror, Mirror Gen2, EX2, EX2 Ultra, EX4, EX2100/4100, DL2100/4100, PR2100/PR4100

My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo require a 9 digit activation code.
For the 9 digit activation code location, please refer to Answer ID 20408 Where Do I Find A 9 Digit Activation Code?

The My Cloud Home line of devices are a completely different device with different features/options, and a different operating system than the My Cloud line of devices. There are separate subforums for the My Cloud Home devices.

My Cloud Home - Personal Cloud Storage