Enter Device Code on my cloud

When I try to sign into mycloud.com it wants me to enter a nine digit code from the product label under the device but there is no nine digit code so I can’t go any further. There is also a label on the vertical side under the ethernet port but I don’t see a nine digit code there either.

What My Cloud device do you have? The new My Cloud Home device? If so see the other resent discussion, in particular this post, on the device code not working when entered.


If you have the new My Cloud Home device watch these videos.

I’m telling you I don’t have the 9 digit code and I cannot sign in without
it. How hard is that to understand. If I don’t get an answer to my question
this goes back to Best Buy tomorrow and I will not buy another WD again.
All I’m saying is I need a 9 digit code that I don’t have.

I think I can add a small amount of insight about what is wrong. I bought the WD My Cloud, which seems to be different from the WD My Cloud Home. I am trying to set it up and I also am being asked for the 9 digit device code. It’s not on my device as CaptGadget says and I am unable to proceed either.

Yep, I just discovered that if you go to http://www.mycloud.com/#/apps you have to select the My Cloud tab (it defaults to My Cloud Home). You should see the WD app there. I’m installing it now.

And success…


this is a USER driven forum, not a WD support forum…

If you want to threaten and winge , try contacting WD directly.

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WD have obviously realised they have messed things up, and have published some new guidance. You just need to know which device you have bought…

And that is where my problem begins. It asking me to enter a nine digit
code that never came with my system.

Sorry to bother you my friend.

Can you post a screen capture of the screen that is asking you to enter the nine digit code?

Once again WD has made things more confusing this time when trying to sign into their My Cloud device on the MyCloud.com website:

For existing My Cloud devices (NOT the My Cloud Home device) one would use this link to sign in: http://files.mycloud.com/login.php

For the new My Cloud Home devices one would use this link to sign in: https://home.mycloud.com/sessions/new

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Hi captgadget ,

Actually when you open MyCloud.com , it will show you the screen of My Cloud Home. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see an option of My Cloud. Just click on it and it will take you to the mycloud.com login page.


or you can scroll down and sign in to a my cloud device there as well

Hi drlucky ,

That’s the other way too :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I get

When I go this route this is what I get:

Hi captgadget ,

Did it worked or not ?

No it just sits there.

Hi captgadget ,

May be you can then try using different web browser to open My Cloud.com
As this is confusing but if you open My Cloud.com, it will take you to the page where it will ask you to Sign in or to create an account. Because , actually you are on the My Cloud Home Login page but if you just check on the top right corner of the page , you will get two options My Cloud Home| My Cloud. Just need to click on My Cloud and then you will be able to login to My Cloud.com.