9 Digit Device Code Not Working

Hello all. I purchased a brand new in box and shrink wrapped 4TB My Cloud Home from a big box store. I am trying to set it up. I took it out of the box, connected the network cable, attached it to my router, then plugged in the power, all per the instructions from the quick set up guide. I go to mycloud.com/home and create my account. From there it does not auto discover my device, so i’m left with entering the 9 digit device code. Well that is the issue. I have the code on the device and the quick install card, both codes match. However when I enter the code i’m left with receiving an error message "Oops! Something’s not matching up. Did you type the code correct? I have checked, re-checked and checked again to ensure i’m typing the code correctly, to which I am. So i’m at a loss and stuck. I know my device is online because I can see it on my network and shows On-Line.

any ideas as to what the issue could be?

Please check the LED Status and follow the KBA instructions below

I have same issue , and follow the step . the issue still can’t solve please advice asap