9 digit device code

Checked every where no 9 digit code. If its part of the serial number for example which part ?

If you have the My Cloud linked below you will need to use My Cloud to configure the drive. You can also use the dashboard to set it up as well.


Hi @Dtrus - What is the model (P/N or M/N on the label) number of your drive?

Hi @Dtrus - Based on the model number you PMed me, you have the older My Cloud device. (The links @drlucky gave you should help)


I have the same problem, no device code. The “quick installation guide” is only a piece of paper without what you mentioned the label. I just bought it yesterday (2017-09-02). The product is “Western Digital My Cloud Mirror 4TB WDBZVM0040JWT”. Please help me!

Hi @rednickw (and anyone else who comes across this thread who has the older My Cloud products) - the 9 digit device code it is asking for is for the My Cloud Home product line. WD recently made changes to the My Cloud website to accommodate the new product line. See the threads below for more information:


I have the same problem, lost my quick install guide so kinda lost :frowning: its a E2C (Model WDBCTL0020HWT-EESN)

You have the older My Cloud not the My Cloud Home. See the post linked below. It has instructions for setting up the My Cloud product.

I took mine back, the device is awful and the software is slow and kept on freezing. The suport team have never replied. The only good experience ive had from this is the support from this forum. Its ashame as the concept is a great idea.

so, are the older devices not able to use the my cloud home? I have a 32TB my cloud pro series, can I use it with that, or do I just continue to use the old site and app?

you will need to continue using the old site and app

This is rather poor form on WD’s side I must say. Firstly, there was no code as promised in the box. So anyone buying a second hand device will immediately suffer from that red herring based on the screen prompts. Then, there is no way to bypass it! If they know there are people that will suffer issues going from old to new then they should provide clear details.

Somehow - I can see everything on my network and on Twonkey (nice name!) but it’s rather conveluded to a layperson. And why can’t you update the firmware within Twonkey? The files.mycloud interface is shoddy at best and doesnt easily allow for user management or any of these functions either… they need to do more work before nobody adopts.

I miss the old days of a simple install driver and a functional product out of the box

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@simonm3 Have you visited the Learning Center? http://learn.mycloud.com/

If you have twonky you do not have the My Cloud Home. the My Cloud home does not support twonky. There is no code for the normal My Cloud device. To set up a regular My Cloud to to My Cloud.

i ve an old wd my cloud. İt’s R/N: E2C CBCBFA. How can I find my code. Thy

I agree its one big headache


Any news for this issue? i was using my cloud os3 and working was fine. I updated to os5 and can not add my device via iphone or ipad. Can not find device or add manually. Because of ios 15 and not have 9 digita code.

My Device: WD My Cloud ex2 ultra

Can you help please?

@bazinga If you have a My Cloud ex2 ultra then you don’t have a My Cloud Home, is that correct?

I have account but even i can login than can not add my device. Not found.

no response?