Run out of space on 4TB

I kept running out of space on a 4 TB hard disk. My actual data was less than 3 TB. Finally decided to go into each file and check the size and ultimately found the problem - the syncing was taking up all the space. There was a synchistory (or named something similar) file that was taking up more than 3 TB of space. have now deleted the file. The dashboard still shows 34% available, where as per my calcs it should be nearly 75%.
Does anyone know why and what could I do to still run sync and not run out of space?

The file was called .WDSyncHistory

WD Sync keeps up to 5 versions of deleted files or directories.

Running out of space while using WD Sync is a well discussed issue in this subforum, see past discussion on this at the end of this post.

One solution is to stop using the WD Sync program until WD gets around to addressing this problem and use a third party sync software. Note that using third party sync software may not allow for remote syncing using methods other than SFTP or FTP. Free File Sync ( is one such third party program some here have resorted to using. If installing Free File Sync make sure NOT to install the adware (OpenCandy stuff) that if offers up (usually on the fourth installer screen).

A few of the various other past discussions on this particular problem:

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Thanks very much for your help, Bennor

So, that “file” was actually a folder, right…? :confused:

How does one use the Putty software to find and delete the hidden files created by WD Sync? This is a messy ordeal.