Mycloud out of storage using sync

My 1TB drive is out of space but I have only put 400gb data on drive. the dash board show 0 available, Sync states I am out of space and can not copy to drive

Have you tried a reboot of your My Cloud? Are you able to provide an image of your Dashboard?

that is one of the first things I did, I powered down using the dashboard and then unplugged the unit for 30 sec.

Alright, but what is the Dashboard showing for each category that is backed up, Videos, Photos, Music Tracks and Others? You have already said Free Space is Zero.

Dashboard - Videos - 64GB, Photos-70GB, Music-4.9GB, Other-840GB, Free Space 0

If you are using WD Sync, and your My Cloud mysteriously is now full, this is a known issue that has been discussed previously. One cause is the versioning feature of WD Sync that saves up to 5 (I think) versions of a file so one can recover a deleted or overwritten file.

One can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to find the several past discussions on this issue. Here is one past discussion: