WD Sync fills up My cloud network hard drive

I have had continuous issues with WD sync filling up my 4TB my cloud network HD. This does not make since given that the hard drive on my computer is about 800GB and my laptop is about 800GB. I think this is becuase WD sync retains 5 past copies of files that are synced. From past forum discussion it seems like this issue has been around for a while with no real solution. Has anyone figured out a workaround or is WD going to deal with this bug? The best solution seems to be to find another software package to sync with MyCloud–in that case any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

@JB_IER please check the following KBA

Thank you for this information SBrown. Deleting these files cleared up 67 GB. Perhaps it might make sense to put this information in the help menu for WD sync or perhaps have an option in WD sync that auto-deletes deleted files?

I still have limited space on the hard drive. I notice that the .WDSyncHistory \ .WD Hidden folder in the WDSync folder is 3 TB --many of these files are reasonably old. Can any of this be deleted?-- these files seem to be the culprit in taking up most of the space space on the MyCloud network drive. I see the other target folders in WD Sync folder contain the actual synced files.

I have searched previous WD forum posts and the hidden file issue has been discussed but I cannot find a response from WD staff on the best way to deal with the hidden file issue.

Thanks for any further information.

I solved the problem by uninstalling WD sync and replacing it with GoodSync that does not have the issue of hidden files filling up the network HD. This seems to be a bug/flaw with WD sync. There are alot of sync programs available so I suggest others use these rather than WD sync