How can I reclaim space on My Cloud?


I have the 1TB model and keep being told I am running out of space. There should only be only around 700GB of video files on there and a few MB of images, however the dashboard tells me there’s over 40GB of music on there and over 200GB of ‘other’. There aren’t any music files on it and I don’t know how to get the chart on the dashboard to show an accurate account of what’s on the drive.
I have tried leaving it 48hrs to sort itself out and the Refresh option in the settings but to no avail.
I need to claim this 240GB+ back so it’s usable.

Can anyone help?


Are you using WD Sync or any other WD Software like Smartware?

WD Sync creates a hidden folder and stores version histories of files it syncs in it. Over time users have found this hidden folder using up all the free space on the My Cloud.

Other suggestions beyond using Windows File Explorer / Mac Finder to look through the various Shares to find the files potentially taking up space is to use SSH and access the My Cloud at the firmware level to search *using Linux commands like: du -sh /*) and find out which folders are taking up the most space.


WD Sync is installed although I use Windows Explorer to transfer and manage files.
Can I uninstall WD Sync if its not needed? Where is the hidden folder that I need to delete?
I have a .wdsync file in C:\Users\User\My Cloud, but its size is 0KB


If you do not need to sync files then you can uninstall WD Sync. The following post details how one user found the hidden WD Sync folder location and removed it to free up some space.

If you do need to sync content from your PC to the My Cloud one can use a third party sync program. Free File Sync ( is one such program some of us use to sync or backup content to/from a My Cloud.


WD Sync is gone and I issued the command du -sh /* and got this:

195M /CacheVolume
867G /DataVolume
6.5M /bin
3.7M /boot
0 /dev
15M /etc
4.0K /home
28M /lib
16K /lost+found
4.0K /media
4.0K /mnt
4.0K /nfs
4.0K /opt
du: cannot access /proc/2512/task/2512/fd/4': No such file or directory du: cannot access /proc/2512/task/2512/fdinfo/4’: No such file or directory
du: cannot access /proc/2512/fd/4': No such file or directory du: cannot access /proc/2512/fdinfo/4’: No such file or directory
0 /proc
16K /root
7.9M /run
9.2M /sbin
0 /shares
8.0K /srv
0 /sys
8.0K /system
11M /tmp
416M /usr
173M /var

Using WinSCP I cannot find the files to delete. I have hidden files turned on.
Are they always in the same location?


Start by looking in the /DataVolume folder since that is where your user files/data is stored. Check to see what each of the folders in /DataVolume are consuming. Be careful what you delete there as you may end up deleting your user data.


I checked /DataVolume but found nothing to delete.
Is there a particular file type I could search for?


You will have to see which folders in the /DataVolume are consuming the most space then look in each of those folders to see what if anything can be deleted.