Removing other files

I have an issue with my 3TB NAS storage as I only have 600GB of data but my device is showing 2.3TB of other files and is nearly full. I thought it maybe because of the Sync but I have uninstalled that but still no difference. I am not able to find the files anywhere in Windows when searching through the device. I would appreciate any help as I have lost so much time and don’t have enough space on other devices to move all the files not to mention the time it would take to do that.

Uninstalling Sync is unlikely to remove its file version store on the MyCloud. So all its droppings are still there, taking space.

Enable the viewing of hidden files, and go and clean up the .wdsync folders (I think…).

Thanks for the response, I have tried viewing the hidden folders but can’t see them. do you think I will need to reinstall the WDSync?

Okay, it worked after playing with it a while longer and have now sorted it thanks for the help. On Windows 10 just ticking the check box wasn’t showing it and I had to also go into the folder options and view tab and uncheck the box in the menu and apply the changes. Thought it might be useful for someone else trying in Windows 10. Once again thanks for the help.

Its not just Windows 10, its any version of Windows (and likely other OS software). If you have the file manager configured to hide hidden files/folders then one will not see the hidden WD Sync folders.

And no uninstalling WD Sync does not remove the WD Sync folder(s) or any files within it on the My Cloud. Further the WD Sync uninstall process also may leave at least one folder (the default My Cloud sync folder) on one’s Windows computer too.

If you need to use a sync program others have moved to using Free File Sync ( until WD fixes the various issues with WD Sync. Note: When installing Free File Sync read each screen carefully and uncheck the option to install the adware programs that may be bundled with Free File Sync.

Hi Simon I m having same issue but i cant find this sync folder can yo be more specific how to and where to find and delete this folder… Thankx