Deleting files doesn't free up any space on MyCloud drive

Hi, my 4gb MyCloud drive shows 0 bytes free and deleting files doesn’t do anything to improve it.

I’ve tried deleting files from Windows explorer, and when that didn’t work I thought maybe it was a communication problem over the network so I tried using SSH to get into the MyCloud as root and removed a folder of about 100gb from within the /mnt/HD/HD_a2 folder with rm -r which also did not affect the available space, even though the files are gone. I do not have any automated backup tasks to this drive, it is just storage which was mostly filled up but have since deleted 300gb worth of stuff.

I’ve seen a few other posts with this issue but none of them mention whether it was ever resolved. A few suggestions I’ve seen are that it just doesn’t show up right away, but it has been weeks.

I also saw some mention of trash and recycle bins but there is no mention of either anywhere in the web UI, and I used ls -a in various levels of /mnt to identify any .trash files or any hidden files at all and there is nothing of any substantial size anywhere I looked. I even emptied my Windows trash on the computer accessing the share, just in case they were linked somehow.

At this point I’ve put hours into this and can’t fathom how it can be so hard to just delete files to clear up space. I have less than 10mb of files I need to put on the drive right now but just can’t do it despite the fact that there should be nearly half of a TB available.

I saw there is a new firmware version available, 2.31.149, which I downloaded (currently on 2.30.something) thinking maybe that would help, but unfortunately the webUI won’t let me upload it because SURPRISE it thinks there is no free space on the drive.

Any help is very much appreciated.

The single bay My Cloud unit does not have a recycle bin/trash bin option or feature, that is generally reserved for the multi bay My Cloud models.

Are you using WD Sync?

If so there are a number of complaints about WD Sync filling the free space of the My Cloud hard drive. What happens is WD Sync uses a hidden folder (.WDSyncHistory) to store synced files in case the user deletes a sync file. It allows the user to recover the file or to recover older versions of the file.

There are various discussions of trying to clean out hidden WD SYnc files/folders on a full My Cloud. Here is one such discussion. More can be found using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right).