Deleting files in my cloud home does not free space

Hi everyone, I’m new here.

I’d like to have your opinions. I have a My cloud Home, 4 Tb. In the my cloud home in the file explorer, I have the Plex folder where I can share files. I transferred all my music in the my cloud home/music folder but then I realized that I wanted my music to be shared so transferred them in the Plex/shared music folder. I then deleted the music files from the my cloud home/music folder. The music took 11 Gb in the my cloud home/music folder so, when I copied them into the Plex folder, the disk space was doubled, which was 22 Gb. The problem is that when I deleted the files from the my cloud home/music, It was still showing 22 Gb of space used and not 11 Gb like it was supposed to when I right clicked and looked at the properties.

Anyone had the same issue? If yes, what is happening??

Thank you very much.

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Anyone has this same issue?


Hello @chemdom

Please check the KBA posted below.
It explains how deleted content is removed and why you do not see the free disk space immediately.

I’m facing the same issue, I have deleted around 1tb of files since more than 24 hours and till now available space does not been changed.
One other thing in mobile app the videos and photos I deleted still showing under photo tab.

@SBrown I have mentioned in my post that it’s been more than 24 hours since files been deleted.
Now it’s 36 hours and same issue.

I have the same problem. The disk space available is not correct.

@francopoleo not correct after deleting files? or a different condition?

Yes, after deleting files. I deleted these file about 3 days ago.

I have a WD Cloud Home, with a TimeMachineBackup with almost 1T and 500G of files, but I Have these information from mac OS X

Capacity: 3,85 TB

Used: bytes (2,17 TB on disk)

Available: 1,68 TB

It is missing about 500GB


Franco Poleo

You’re looking at individual folders and not the entire My Cloud Home itself.
Go to the macOS desktop and “get info” on the mount drive.
Should look something like this from my 8 TB My Cloud Home.

Deleted files are a scripted process in the background. If you deleted Time Machine backups, there are millions of files that may take longer to process that normal.

We have the same problem on the two we have. We can wait for days and the disk space is not recovered. One one 2tb unit we transferred, or attempted to transfer an older drive with about 1tb onto the unit that already had about about 0.5tb of other data. The transfer did not complete. When we deleted the transfer directory none of the disk space was recovered. That was a week ago. Been trying to figure it out in my free time but have given up at this point.

Hi @chemdom @raminassar

I am facing the same issue, could you figure out the solution.

Mine is a 4 TB drive, but right out of the box prior to use it shows only 3.50 TB and doesn’t show what is using that space. They shouldn’t advertise 4 TB space when it is missing part of that probably for hidden files I cannot access.

I’ve had nothing but problems with this since I bought it yesterday and will probably return it. It is acting very strange and an empty folder called “Family” keeps reappearing even after a reset or manual delete and I do not know what it is.

Completely dissatisfied with this product. They should have been more truthful on the packaging instead of a lot of hype that doesn’t apply to this drive since the instructions are also for the Duo version. I should have gotten that one instead, but it wasn’t available in the store. Live and learn then return.

@wboswell the “Family” folder is OEM and cannot be deleted, renamed, synced or moved.

I have the same issue. On my “My Cloud Home Duo” I deleted about 1.2 TB of data, regular windows folder with pictures so no time machine backup or sth.

This is now 3.5 weeks ago and still the capacity is not beeing made avaialble

Can you please give a real soultion here instead of posting these standrad links from above?

Same Problem here

Deleted folder with over 1.2TB few days ago
The space is not free yet

Need to have better storage management tool
Also need to be able to check how much storage is in use by other users private area

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Disk space from deleted files/folders and failed USB copying is not freed up in over a week, and even after shutdowns & reboots. You need a better answer than waiting 24 hours.

Is downloading and reformatting the thing the only way to solve this? Surely there must be a hidden folder that must be accessible…

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Same situation. New unit and there is 500gb missing after deletion. I have accounted for OS and have calculated used space in windows. Been a couple of days since deletion.

Same situation. New 6 TB unit. Deleted around 400 GB a week ago and the space still hasn’t been freed up.

I am nearly certain that WD’s standard support response above (that this is due to a slow-running background deletion process) is a facile and bogus attempt to cover up a serious firmware bug. I hope they come clean and provide a bugfix firmware update promptly.

We need to be mentioning this in our product reviews and force them to take action.

For WD support staff: please note that these were 4 large files for a total of around 400 GB that I deleted via the KDDFS Network Drive (shown as Z: in Explorer) in Windows 10. Hope this helps.

Deleted another 100 gbs on Monday and that space was also not freed up - now I am missing over 600 gbs. I called tech support and they want my system logs and claim to have elevated this to “senior support staff”