Warning using "my Sync" for My Cloud

Hi there

I have installed “My Sync” Application from WD to synchronize between computers. I can put files in the subfolder of My Cloud and it will synchronize with both computers. I realized, that it takes about 72 hours to synchronize.

After using it for about 1 month I had several applications which crashes and I realized that my whole harddisk was full. Rightnow I have really heavy troubles in case some programs have tried to store their files and where interrupted in case harddisk becomes filled very quickly.

The source of all was My Sync from WD. By using Space sniffer tool I realized, that the directory “C:.WDTemp” was filled with 150GB of temporary data, still increasing. I have no idea why and what it sholuld be for. But it does not take case of harddisk space.

In case I need now take hours to solve problems by using backup (it takes several days) and in case some data are not in backup and this work is lost, I warn to use the program!!


Note the program is not called My Sync it is called WD Sync. The issue with .WDTemp folder on the local computer expanding to fill the hard drive or take up a large amount of space has been discussed in the past. One can find those prior thread by doing a forum search for WDTemp.

Sometimes restarting the computer may help to cause the WDTemp folder to be cleared out or reduced in size. Also right clicking on the WD Sync task bar icon and selecting Pause Syncing, waiting an hour, then reselect the icon and select Resume Syncing may help.

More than a few have stopped using the WD Sync program all together due to this and other issues. Instead they are using 3rd party sync programs like FreeFileSync which may have more options/capabilities.