Wd temp File on C drive filling up hard drive

Hi I have set up the My Cloud and during the backup my hard drive is getting filled up rapidly with small 22mb files such as this b9e8817d-8b30-4413-b183-fbb28460d1ad I cannot figure out how to stop the files. I have changed from an all file backup to minimal back of selected files. Still have the problem. It is also creating duplicate files in my dropbox folder on my computers. I am completely stymied on this. I never had a problem when using mybook. Help please. thanks

Are you using WD Sync?

If so, that is typically the cause.

Much past discussion, see some of it below, on WD Sync filling the hard drive and or creating hidden folders/files. Part of the problems are tied to the versioning the WD Sync program does to allow one to restore a previous version of a file or one that was deleted.








If not using WD Sync but using Smartware it is possible the versioning option of the Smartware program which typically saves up to five prior versions of a backed up file may be the cause.

Bennor thanks so is there a solution to the problem. What did you do with yours? Do you know what others have done. Why does WD not address this problem or have they and not made people aware of it?

I don’t use WD Sync. If you are using WD Sync then one option is to stop using it, uninstall it and delete the various folders on both the PC and My Cloud that it created. Others have stopped using WD Sync and have resorted to using third party sync programs like Free File Sync (http://www.freefilesync.org/).

One word of note on Free File Sync, if one does decide to install it, make sure to read each installer screen very carefully and opt out of the OpenCandy advertising programs or other third party programs that it will try to install if you are not careful.

Do you use the freefile sync then? I had looked at that too after doing some research. Guess I will give that a try. How does one delete the files that sync created in the cloud?? Thanks

One can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to delete the WD Sync folder that is created on the My Cloud where files are synced to.

I have used Free File Sync in the past. It works but I don’t use it full time as I don’t have a need at this time to have ongoing file syncing of my files to the My Cloud. One issue with any third party sync program, including Free File Sync, is they generally cannot perform a remote offsite sync like one can with the WD Software. To perform a remote offsite sync with third party sync software may involve using the insecure FTP protocol or some other method.

Ok thanks. I just don’t know why WD has not addressed this problem. It makes the My Cloud pretty much useless if you have to constantly delete the ghost files on your hard drive

One is not required to use any of the WD software with the My Cloud either to set the unit up or to copy/store/stream files on the My Cloud. The only time I use any of the WD software/apps or the WD MyCloud.com portal is for the few times I use remote access. Otherwise I do not use any WD software for local access to the My Cloud or for copying files/data to the My Cloud on my local network.

I use FreeFileSync for al my backup needs (in mirror mode).

I also use it to sync my personal folders that I access via a number of computers (PCs and Android devices). I use a manually-triggered batch mode sync when I’ve finished working on each PC, which does the sync and shuts down the computer.

I don’t use the real time sync, or file versioning facilities of FFS.

I think FFS does support remote sync using SFTP, but I have not tried it.

For system images, I’ve recently started using Macrium Reflect, and successfully restored a Win7 image to a smaller HDD, with an image saved on the MyCloud.

Yes FFS supports SFTP. The downside to using SFTP with the My Cloud is that one is limited to using the “root” login that they use for SSH and not a “User” account created through the My Cloud Dashboard. One would also need to enable port forwarding within their router to pass port 22 (the SSH/SFTP port) through to the My Cloud. The obvious problem with the default settings and using SFTP is the entire root level of the My Cloud OS can be accessed. Which obviously presents its own set of potential security issues.

There was past discussion on adding other “User” names to the SSH entry of the v4.x version My Cloud’s so one could use an other login other than “root”.


Don’t know if anyone has been successful with the v2.x My Cloud firmware in modifying the SSH entry to allow for “User” names. There was some discussion in the following thread.


I spoke with WD tech today about the ghost temp file and we removed and reinstalled my sync and made some changes to services if I recall it was volume shadow to turn it to automatic and start it and wdbackup to automatic. So far so go no temp file and it picked up the back up where it left off. I will keep an eye on it for the next few days and report back.