Capacity problem

After many problems getting synchronize my drive, I finally had to delete the files that had copied.
Now, I’m trying to copy my files with WD Sync, the files size is 2,04TB, but an error message tells me I need additional 1,98TB. However, WD View, I indicates that the use is about 1%, and there are 3,9TB of free space.
How do I solve it?


What’s the total capacity of the drive?

What firmware are you running on the unit?

If I remember right WD Sync does versioning; keeping older versions of the file so it can be recovered if deleted from the computer that is syncing to the My Cloud. As such its possible because you are syncing such a large amount of files (2,04TB) that the WD Sync program wants to reserve enough space for version backups of that 2,04TB and the 3,9TB of space on the My Cloud isn’t enough.

Cannot remember off hand if one can turn off or limit the number of versions of a file WD Sync will keep but check the WD Sync application settings to see if there is such a setting and if it can be changed or turned off.