Cloud Storage full -- but it cannot be

I have a 6 TB WD My Cloud drive, about 1 year old… it is showing as 0 remaining capacity on the dashboard and is no longer backing up files due to insufficient space. Yet, the total files that I have backing to it off my laptop totals 23 GB… less than 3% of the drive capacity. Any ideas to help me figure out what is going on… is it a hardware problem? … or software? Thank you.**

What “backup” program are you using? WD Smartware? Time Machine? WD Sync?

There are many discussions that you can find using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, on the WD Sync program filling the My Cloud and causing out of capacity error messages primarily due to versioning (back history and deleted file backup) that the program is capable of performing. If using the WD Sync program, see the Help file for that program for more information on how to configure it and possibly turn off versioning/history so it keeps only one version of a file rather than multiple versions.