Very Slow file transfer Rate

I am using WD My cloud
it’s a recent purchase, it is connected on TPLINK Router AC1900 Gigabit
Port using Cat 6 branded cable accordingly my laptop with windows 7
installed is also connected using same router Gigabit Port cat 6 cable
laptop has gigabit network adopter connection speed is 1 GB, although
when I transfer file from my laptop to WD Mycloud I get transfer speed
of maximum 55 mbps, whereas if I switch my laptop from wired to WIFI of
same router I get a transfer speed of 6 mbps.

This is obviously extremely slow need your advise on how to improve the
transfer rate.

File transfer rates is a common complaint with not only the My Cloud but with other NAS devices. There are a number of factors that can affect transfer speeds. First thing to understand is that the rates advertised (1 Gigabit, etc.) are just that, advertised speeds. It doesn’t mean you’ll ever obtain that speed when transferring data. Usually there is very fine print on the box that say something like; “up to” the advertised speed. Second, there are limits introduced due to the hardware used on the NAS drive itself that can cause lower than expected data transfer speeds.

If you haven’t already done so read through the following thread that talks about data transfer speeds and factors that can affect it:

Wifi connections are limited by default. IEEE 802.11g 54 MBit is somewhere at 5-6 Mbps, 11n 300 Mbit is somewhere at 10-12 Megabyte/s, 11ac 866 MBit is somewhere at 15-20 Mbps.

Welcome to network 101… actual speeds vs standard/theoretical speeds. Too many things to factor, but mainly the speed on 1 gig will be 35-50. With newer hardware and SSDs I have seen 60-80.

Here are some docs which explain it better.

Older hardware but concept still applies, wish there was a new one explaining it as well as this link with recent hardware. If someone has one, please share.

OK, so since this thread seems to be turning into a general discussion of file transfer speeds, I have a situation to bring up.

My file transfer speeds are top notch for USB3 HD>to quad-core PC running Win 8.1>My Cloud DL2100. My steady speed is 113 MB/sec. Fast. Spec for the DL2100 is 115 MB/sec. No complaints. Except for the other day . . . .

I recently bought, for cheap, a new “open-box” WD MyNet N900C Central router (w/1TB drive inside.) I wanted to copy my media files from the DL2100 NAS to the Central’s drive. So, I DIRECTLY connected the DL2100 and PC output Ethernet cables to the Central to make a mini self-enclosed network, completely isolated and apart from the home network. No USB connection involved here; just gigabit Ethernet.

Movie MP4 file transfers never went higher than 20-22 MB/sec instead of the 113 MB/sec (or a little less) of what I expected. Even though the WD Blue 5400rpm drive in the gigabit Central is slower than the NAS drives, this seems to be too slow – about the same as USB2 speeds I can often get through the wired home network using slower gear.

Other than accounting for router’s slow drive, any ideas why so slow, considering my equipment? Was I connected incorrectly?

If you verified all connections were actually 1gig, then yes, the limitation is hardware. Read the first link in my post.

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Seems others have various slow copy issues with that unit:

As we’ve seen with other routers NAS drive performance is slow, lacklustrely plodding along at around 10MB/s via wireless and 20MB/s via LAN.

If you verified all connections were actually 1gig, then yes, the limitation is hardware. Read the first link in my post.

Yes, all are 1gig. When you say it’s hardware issue, you of course mean the router/drive, I presume.

I will check your first post, too.

Thanks Bennor, for the input and doing my homework for me by searching the forum database! What most of these links say are true ,e.g. it gets hot (although there is no cooling fan, but only a round vent at bottom so cool air can rise in). I actually have it on an unused PC cooling fan board with fan off so more air gets under it. I am not really going to use it as a home router. More about that later.

The file transfer speeds mention are what I get. We all know that music files transfer slower, and I am afraid I got under 10 MB/sec speeds; more like around 8 MB/sec avg. Pretty sad file transfer performance, although wireless is great.

So, the poor performance of this premium device is likely one reason WD got out of the router business very quickly and dumped the entire MyNet line of products into the closeout market. And, I really mean dumped; all the MyNet devices sold at ridiculous low prices at closeout. I bought a handful of WD range extenders for $20 each; they work great. The router model down from the 900 series is the N750, and I grabbed a few at $20 each! I got myself one to have a spare router if I ever needed one, When I discovered it was a pretty good dual band router at a ridiculous price, I convinced a few friends with really crappy routers to “upgrade” to the N750. Even replaced my daughter’s aging (and pricy) Apple router with one, and it works great. No problem with the router/wireless part of these devices. But, the top-o-line unit with the 1TB HD has, of all things, the issue with the HD. Router part is great. Now that I got the majority of my media on its drive now, infrequently adding new media will not be as time consuming.

So, you may wonder why I bought the N900 if my top-rated Asus RT-N66U home network router is so darn good; it is because I have two wireless drives, one is a Seagate Satellite and the other, a WD MPW. Both only have a 2.4G wireless signal which makes them both kind of suc*. Most videos stream fine from them, but some high bitrate videos (like from blu-rays) struggle, yet those same videos don’t struggle when streamed from my Asus home router via 5G. These darn wireless drives should all have been made with dual band wireless, and they are not. So, the N900 router with HD was purchased to be my 5G car vacation, backyard, anywhere-I-need-It, “homemade wireless drive” Like when staying at a beach resort, etc. we can stream our movies at night via 5G to tablets and room’s TV.

For the total sum of $50 (tax and shipping included) I now have “made” myself one. Can even run it off a car battery inside car using a small DC/AC power inverter. It’s gonna be my knock-around, dual band, 5G-fast router/wireless drive. I have other uses planned for it, too, but enough of this chatter is enough.

I also was having slow transfers when Reading from my NAS EX2 8TB device. Transfers were around 80bps over a Gigabit Home LAN. And many transfers were failing to conplete.

I made sure my network had CAT6 Cables and Gigabit Switches. But the problem turned out to be a Parameter that I changed in the NAS. Under Settings->Network-> There is a JUMBO Frame option. I had turned it on --MISTAKE!!! for my Windows 10 Network. - with RAID1 NAS

Changing it to OFF increased the transfer on Large files - Movies - to 900 mps – allmost a Full Gigabit/sec.