N900 Central - Slow Internet Download Speed

I can connect to the internet, but the most I can get out of either wired or wireless is 1.5 Mbps. My service provider speed is 35 Mbps, and I was achieving that with my previous D-link router before I switched it with the N900.

Here’s what I tried:

  • updated to latest firmware, did factory reset

  • disabled QOS

  • called support, spoke with China, no help

  • elevated to tier 2 support, they could not help either. The person did have me turn on “Enable as the Local Master Browser” under Host and LAN Settings, but no effect.

  • tried loading the next oldest firmware, no change.

Really like the concept of this device, and wireless signal seems to be good.

Anyone have any input/feedback?


Have you check the firewall setting on the unit?

Make sure to reset your internet moden as well.

I have one other suggestion…some setups are very picky on channel/frequency selections…especially in the 2.4ghz band where the most interference is.  Channels 1, 6 & 11 are usually pointed to as preferable, and may give better performance than using what appear to be less populated channels or leaving the frequency set on Auto.  I recently migrated from a Belkin router that was just fine on an otherwise “empty” Channel 2…the WD dropped signals like mad until I switched it to Channel 1, even though my WiFi Analyzer said there was more existing traffic present.    

You may also need to keep switching frequencies and testing them until you find one that all your equipment likes in both the 2.4 and 5G bands…especially if you have a mixed environment with a lot of different adapter types and both Mac and Windows and maybe even Android/iOs attached.   I recently manually matched the channel frequencies that were selected automatically by an Airport Extreme router in my location, and so far seem to have a much more stable connection with my N900 Central…they weren’t the frequenices chosen by the WD in Auto.  Messy, indeed.