WD MyCloud EX4100 - Progressively Slow File Transfer Speed

I have a WD MyCloud EX4100 attached to a Gigabit Ethernet Network, used with a laptop also connected to the Gigabit Ethernet Network through a docking station.

When transferring files, the transfer speed starts out very fast then dropping to about 2 MB/s. At the time I am doing this, there is only the one computer active on the network.

All of the connections are on the Gigabit network with tested internet rates between the computer, through the router, to the internet of about 800~900 Mbps. The EX4100 is connected directly to the router with the included 3’ ethernet cable.

I have tried this with multiple file types from small text files to 3Gb video files. The results are always similar.

How do I maintain a consistent, high-speed file transfer rate?

WD MyCloud EX4100, Firmware 5.13.115

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I have run multiple file transfer tests both with regular file manager software (e.g. file explorer, etc.) and with back up software (e.g. Goodsync). In all cases, the rate starts out good, then quickly resolves to the 2Mbps rate.