File Transfer is slow, as usual

I have a 2TB WD My Cloud device on my network. I’ve posted in here before about very s l o o o w file transfers and I’ve never truly resolved the issue. There are times it’s fair, but it’s been a while. Unfortunately, I just don’t even bother transferring files to it much and I treat it like a drive that’s out there for the most dire emergencies. But I have some time on my hands and would love to know if there’s any hope here. The speed is, let’s say it took about 30 minutes to transfer 1.5GB, but it crashed multiple times. Another recent example, 245MB (39 files/folders) 3 minutes. It’s hard wired to a FiOS router, My throughput on other services in the network is fine, but MyCloud has never been great and is often much worse than this. Last time I posted on here, someone mentioned Twonky, but that seems to be for media. These are mostly just docs, but some are video, some music.

How is the computer connected to the network? Ethernet or WiFi?
Is the My Cloud connected to a gigabit network router or switch? Is the computer if wired using gigabit ethernet?
How are you copying files tot he My Cloud? Using Finder/Windows File Explorer or other method?
Have you run a program like Crystal Disk Mark ( to test the read/write speed to/from a My Cloud?
Are you transferring one large file or a large number of smaller files?

If one is using Gigabit end to end from the computer to the My Cloud they should see transfer speeds above 90MB/s when transferring a 1 GB file.

Most times slow local network speed is due to the local network configuration and hardware. Or if one is using the web portal or a misconfigured WD program. Always start with looking at the network hardware. Then run speed tests using programs like Crystal Disk Mark from as many computers on the local network as possible and compare the results. Even the speed of one’s local hard drive or if copying from a USB drive attached to a computer to the My Cloud or a USB drive attached to the My Cloud can/will impact transfer speed.

I have the same problem. Didnt really notice till last night I had to move some large data and was like oh my… Let me post some screenshots. Using NetGear R6250 Ethernet to Ethernet (GigaBit) But getting such horrible speeds. Box im sending from has 8gb ram/ Plenty of pcu. Hrmmm


My WD Cloud was also very slow. UI was unusable slow, file transfer was also slow. Could not use it voor backup my files.

Today I’ll cleared the log files and now it runs on normal speed aganin.

I’ll cleared all the big log logfiles in \var\log and all large log files in the sub folders. I’ll cleared files through the SSH interface.

I’ll hope it will work for you.

I just wrote the below response then did some of my own noodling and realized I can get this data from Console and find the path through Reveal In Finder. Not sure if deleting all the var/log files could really change the speed and even if I can, that would mean I have to clear these out every so often??

3:55pm ET
(I’m on Mac; can you tell me where those \var\log files are (if you’re on Mac)? I don’t think there’s any hidden files on the WD drive but if you mean the main CPU/user account I guess I can check that and root any old logs. Not sure if you’re getting at those through the command line. Thanks though!)