Slow transfer speeds Mycloud home

Hi, I have just bought a mycloud home 4TB.
Its connected to a Vodafone coonect router, and my windows 10 laptop is connected to that via a netgear 5 port gigabit hub.
Everything is connected using cat 6 cables, laptop has gigabit adaptor, and its showing running at 1 gbps.
However when I transfer files (doesnt matter the size) to mycloud from my laptop, i am getting max 8mb/s, mostly it’s about 2!
I have tried taking the switch out of the equation but still the same.
Any ideas on what to try?

Hi damdam75,

You can have a look at this KBA:

Try a different manufacturer. It’s really too bad western digital does not care to correct the systemic slow transfer speeds of their devices. They throw the issue back on the customer. They have your money, they really don’t care.