Uploading process slowing down

Hello everyone.

Using ethernet connection, mac os, wd my cloud application.

I have 150 GB of data. I started uploading files and everything was ok (about 5 Mb/s). But now, after days of copying (process almost finished), speed became terribly slow (about 1Kb/s).

I alredy stopped WD Indexing services via SSH. It is not helping. Also I disabled media server.

P.S. Simple copying of something via SSH or another session works well.

P.P.S. I can not stop uploading and start over. It is not a solution. 

Thanks in advance.

since you can’t stop and restart optiona are limited

for future reference for almost all local access avoid the WD apps, use Finder / File Explorer instead

I suspected indexing / scanning / thumbnail issues but if you truely have that disabled not much else to do but be patient

this is a very under powered device for setup and initial load but is generally acceptable after that

what do you mean by “thumbnail issues”?

avasiliev wrote:

what do you mean by “thumbnail issues”?

When the WD My Cloud is indexing, scanning, creating thumbnails it is occupying a great deal of the low horsepower processor used on the device as such any other actions the device tries to perform tend to be very slow.

See the following link that discusses various copy speed issues and some potential workarounds to try and speed up the copying. Above all when copying a large number of files or large sized files it is generally recommended to connect the computer, via Ethernet cable, to the same router/gateway/hub/switch that the WD My Cloud is connected too.

before you pack up your WD and return it, let’s talk about CopyingSpeeds!

Edit to add: Also see the other recent threads where Mac users are having slow copying speeds. Seems to be a recent issue possibly due to a recent Mac update.

Try to use the Finder vs the App on the Mac.

Also, since it seems you are a bit advanced user due to the SSH copy you made already, use rsycn then, build into the Mac as well. Rsycn will allow you to restart whereever it left in case it failed for any reason.

For you PPS… if you specify same folders with rsycn, it will only send the data not copied yet

One link:


24 hours has passed. After 1Kb/s pain, the copying process back to normal for no reason. Really can not understand what is happening.

Also, after bunch of files has been added, appeared issue -