Very slow upload to My Cloud

Hi everyone,
I’m a new user here with a My Cloud device and a Macbook.
I’m trying to use the My Cloud to run my iTunes and Photo library from there.
Not having much luck: it took 20 minutes to upload 2 pictures to the device, let alone to upload a 170gb library.
Like this it’s just useless, any idea what the problem might be? Maybe some setting in the router? Also tried doing a back up with time machine and it always fail to complete.
The iTunes and Photo libraries are both on an external usb drive, attached to the macbook.

Thank you,

Are you trying to copy files to a My Cloud located on the same local network as the MacBook or to a My Cloud on a remote network?

Is the My Cloud connected to a Gigabit capable router?

How is the MacBook connected to the network? Using WiFi or using Ethernet (wire)?

What program or application were you using to copy files from your MacBook to he My Cloud? Mac Finder or some other program?

What other troubleshooting steps have you taken?

It is generally recommended when copying a large number of files and when copying files that are large to connect the computer to the local network using Ethernet (wire) and use Gigabit networking when ever possible.

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Thanks for replying!
Yes the files are on the same network, in a WD My passport connected to the macbook via USB. The macbook is connected through wi-fi, while the my cloud is connected to the router via ethernet.
I tried both with the Mac finder and with the WD my Cloud web page, both very slow…
I though about connecting the Mac via cable, but its a 2015, it doesn’t have the ethernet port…
As for the Gigabit router, I’m not sure, its a Cisco DPC 3925.
I’m thinking the problem might be the router since it also always fail to do a backup with time machine directly from the macbook.

Thanks for your help,

If possible connect the computer using a Gigabit connection to the same router the My Cloud is connected too. People have often complained about slow speeds when using WiFi to copy data to the My Cloud. There are a number of reasons why WiFi is often slower than using an Ethernet (wire) connection. The number and size of the files being copied can also affect the speed.

Other troubleshooting steps to try. Ensure the WiFi adapter on the computer is properly configured to use the highest speed possible. Change the cable and router network port the My Cloud is using when connected to the router. Check the router administration settings to ensure there isn’t a configuration issue (like network port misconfigured or QoS active) that could be limiting the connection speed.