Not over 999Mo?


Sorry for my poor english, but, i will try to explain you my problem…

When i want to “download” over than 999Mo on “My Cloud”, this one “block” : still doesn’t download over 999Mo.

Why ?? Someone had a solution please ??

I work why macbook pro el capitan.


My Cloud environment has no file size limit, I expect your problem being located within El Capitan:

There are several threads found with the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon) on this particular issue and how El Capitan in general has problems with the WD My Cloud.

There are lots of reports of this:

Does anybody contacted Apple Support? This issue seems to be related 100% to Apple…

when you reach 999 Mo you receive an error message, type ignore ,then click on the two vertical small ligne to stop the process, then click on the small arrow to restart loading the file .
if you load heavy files you may have to do the same thing every 999 Mo or so

hope this will help you