Media files exist but MyCloud share containers have disappeared

I have a 3TB MyBook Live unit and a 4TB MyCloud unit. Since the new WD MyCloud software update the MyCloud unit is not reporting the existence of share folders containing media files that do exist on the drive, but it is also reporting that the files exist. I have photos in a shared folder named ‘photos’, movies in a shared folder named ‘movies’ and iTunes media in a folder named ‘iTunes’, but none of them are showing up in the share list. The one share that is showing up is one containing 260GB of ‘other’ files.

I have tried to rescan and rebuild the database. I have not, as yet, reset the device.

Here’s a couple of screen grabs that illustrate the issue…

I’d really value some help with this because I’m at a loss. Everything was fine before the software upgrade. Thanks!

Firstly, don’t expect those things to coincide.  The Home page’s capacity indications are what’s scanned by the WD My Cloud Server.

The Media counts under DLNA Media Serving section are what’s indexed by Twonky.

Do your shares that you’re wanting it to count actually have media serving enabled in the share settings?

If so, try logging into the Twonky UI web page and see what it’s doing there.

I have checked the Twonky server and it also indicates no media…

Regarding the media setting in the shares, those shares certainly had media enabled because I have been using them to stream media right up to when the new software came out and the shares disappeared.

In the Twonky UI, look under the SHARING menu – does it list the shares there correctly?  

If not, don’t try fixing it there…  it won’t work anyway.

Go back into the Cloud UI and try DISABLING sharing for all the shares (giving it time to UPDATE before going on) one at a time, then re-enabling them all and see if that updates it.

The problem is that the media shares that should be listed are not listed at all so I cannot access them at all. Only one share is listed, the one with 260GB of ‘other’ files…

and here’s something from the media database content scan showing that the videos are on the drive…

Have a look at the Twonky ‘Sharing’ page, and see where it’s looking for media.

Also check the Dashboard to make sure that Shares have media serving enabled.

Right, it sounds like you have the ‘vanishing shares’ problem; there were other reports of this, and permissions problems:

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okay thanks, good to know I’m not the only one! Best thing for it is a system-only restore. Did this and all is well.

Best thing for it is a system-only restore.

I thought that was probably the solution, but didn’t wish to trawl through the threads to check… sorry…

Thanks for posting your solution; may save others searching.