Missing Shares Preventing Safepoint Update

I have a similar issue to many lately where all but 3 of my shares suddenly went “missing”.   I was able to add back the shares that I “remember” by simply adding the share on the dashboard typed exactly as before (I see that has worked for others as well).  The files in those shares automatically re-populated.

My issue occurs when I attempt to create a safepoint, when the process attempts to back up a share that I no longer have listed the safepoint process errors out.  I can’t remember all my share names in order to add them back so now I am unable to back up the shares I was able to restore by entering thier names perfectly.  Is there a workaround or a way to let My Cloud know I do not want those shares not listed backed up so it only backs up the shares currently listed?

If I am unable to backup to the USB drive then I will have to find another solution for backing up my important files because i don’t trust MyCloud alone.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks in advance again for any support

Good Evening,

Please accept our apologies for the missing share experience.

Performing a “System Only” restore from the Dashboard will resolve the issue of missing shares in the UI.

If the “System Only” restore is not an acceptable solution, and you have access to the Safepoint backups, it is possible to browse the Safepoint backup and obtain the name of the shares.


Thank you for the info.  I will attmept that solution when I am back on my home network this evening.

So I have not posted in a while, but i still have not been able to successfully create a safe point. It always seems to fail when backing up movies. Sometime I get through 3 or 4 movies and sometimes as many 10 before it errors. Any tips?