WD My Cloud Home on Mac OS Big Sur : not working


just got a new WD My Cloud Home, install the latest version of WD Discovery on my mac mini (on Big Sur 11.0.1) everything seems to work fine (able to access files on My Cloud Home) but my Mac keep freezing ! I can do nothing ! Finder is keep turning around, cannot access the files on mycloud home anymore

If i reboot it everythings is ok but after some times everything freeze again

Any idea ?


Same problem here

check here guys WD Discovery is not working on M1 / Apple Silicon MacBook Air

i’m not using a M1/Apple Silicon it’s a Intel Core I5 with 6 hearts

Same here on i5 iMac. Total freeze.
What a shame WD sleep on this.

I have the same problem! I’m very disappointed

I’m having the freezing issue as well on finder. Also freezes and interrupts my other programs and have to do hard restart to get my mac working again

Same here and it is very frustrating, as soon as I uninstalled WD Discovery everything was working normal again, so it seems like the connection that the Mac (BigSur) is making with the WD MyCloud server everything freezes. I experience the same issue with my Mac and MacBook Pro. Would be nice if they would release a patch to fix the issue

Hey, I thought I found the solution Big Sur Support! FAIL! WD has FAILED the community!.
It seems like the link provided by WD is not the correct one to support Big Sur, please read the thread and follow the steps and re-install but now the correct version.
After completing the reinstallment I still have issues connecting and freezing. The other strange part is that when I try to connect directly via browser to the MyCloud (using ip-adddres) I cannot get access

I have the same problem. Everytime I try to use WD discovery, I can succesfully log in but after some time the Finder freezes and I must reboot the MacBook to get it to work again.

I tried to reinstall the app and also macOS with Recovery mode but it doesn’t seem to help at all.

Same problem. Is WD even trying something ???

I do not have a MY CLOUD HOME device, I have a MY CLOUD device, the original my cloud. I have downloaded the app for the Big Sur os, and I still can not see any of my files on finder. is there another app for this original device or will there be an update so that we can use the original device. I to do not want to use the web browser to see my HD.

What a f*cking joke!! :triumph: HUGE failure by Western Digital! I upgraded to Big Sur on my MacBook Pro and My Cloud Home no longer appears on my desktop. Now I can’t get any work done!

I contacted customer support 9 days ago and had my case escalated, but nobody has gotten back to me with a solution. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled WD Discovery like 20 times.

I’m going to be returning my drive and marking it as “Defective” since it’s still under warranty :rage: The beta for Big Sur has been out since last June so there’s really no excuse. You better be reading this Western Digital!

Also having the same issues with WD Discovery causing Finder to freeze. Running Big Sur on a 16" MBP. It would be great to see a solution for this, but right now it seems like it might just be easier to return the My Cloud Home and upgrade to something that’s already working well with MacOS.

Hi, i’ve a My Cloud Home 3T in 2 partitions. Did work perfect on my old Imac.
On my new mac i’ve got this problem:
On one partitio is the the time machine instald: works perfect.
on the second partition are my work files instald, but my imac (big sur) does not see this partition in the network.
But i can contact this partion by using de WD-app via internet. strange :-{
any idea to solve this problem?

Same, freezes and nothing works, internet pages stop loading and I have to hard reset and then quickly quit the program in the task bar to get anywhere. Uninstalled it now as it’s pointless.

Same issue with my cloud home and Big Sur on my 2019 Macbook pro

Same issue with myCloud home and Macbook Pro 2018 Big Sur. Freezes and drops network.
I managed to set up time machine backups and using as shared drive via web app seems to work ok, but I have WD Discovery off in order for it to work.

Really need someone from WD to come on here and give us a fix

Still the same issues over here. Strange that there is no reaction at all from WD!