WD Discovery is not working on M1 / Apple Silicon MacBook Air

I received my BRAND NEW 2020 M1 / Apple Silicon MacBook Air on Tuesday. Nothing was installed on it prior. I installed the WD Discovery for macOS Big Sur app, set it up, and logged in. It does not launch finder. It does not integrate into finder. it does not mount the My Cloud Home as a drive on the desktop.

The WD Discovery for macOS Big Sur app continues to work on my wife’s 2017 MacBook Air as expected.

My conclusion is that it does not work on M1 / Apple Silicon. Please fix this.

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Same issue

Please ensure you are using the latest WD Discovery build (updated 11/18/2020)

Hi cme, I tried reinstalling, and it says I have the latest build and doesn’t work.

I used the link you provided and downloaded it. The version was 4.2.288. it still does not work.

Please be aware that WD Discovery does not support computer systems running ARM based processors.

1). My Cloud Home uses an ARM processor. Wow.
2). Considering that all Macs are moving to ARM, it might be a good idea to develop a version to run on ARM
3). Windows is moving toward ARM on some versions
4). Why can’t they just enable a SMB share for cross-platform compatibility?

Please address

So am I basically screwed?

The least you could do is let the iPadOS app work on M1 Macs. Alas you’ve opted out, further screwing Mac users needlessly. I’ve given up on the shenanigans of MyCloud breaking with each MacOS release for months and just bought a new external drive - you can guess I went with a competitor this time.

So WD develop a version that will work on Mac OS running the M1 chip sometime soon or the are the two WD My Cloud Home devices I’ve purchased now worthless? I’m really regretting that I bought these devices instead of a real NAS.

same issue

I’ve just gotten an M1 MacBook Air and I’m in the same boat. The WD Discovery app installs and I can see the drive in the app but the drive doesn’t mount and you can’t see it in Finder. Could you please either fix this or allow the iPad App to be used?

I’ve purchased a synology NAS and will swap the HD from the My Cloud Home. The My Cloud Home (MCH) was a waste to begin with, since it’s not a proper NAS. I don’t know why they just don’t permit SMB file sharing.

To format the WD MCH HDD, you have to mount it in Ubuntu and reformat, since it uses a Linux file system. It’s very easy to do. Google it.

Rather than buy a new 4TB NAS HDD for $80-$100, this is more economical than selling it on eBay. On eBay, the MCH are going for $70 used.