Unable to play MKV in MyCloud app on Ipad

A few days ago I received my MPW and I’m really happy with it. Works perfectly with my android phone (HTC M7). It plays all kind of media files with VLC player. The My Cloud android app allows an other program to open the video.

When I do the same on my Ipad, the problems occur:

  • Connect the Ipad to the MPW

  • Open the My Cloud app

  • Search for a movie (MKV or AVI-format)

Problem: My cloud app does not recognize the format and is unable to play the file.

What is the best solution to get it working, in the same way as on my Android phone, without transfering the files to the Ipad.

ivorijn wrote:


What is the best solution to get it working, in the same way as on my Android phone, without transfering the files to the Ipad.

Convert the videos to an iPad compatible format (basically, MP4 / M4V)

Agree, since the mobile devices can only natively play certain file types.  I have transcoded my MKV and ISO files into MP4 files using the free program, Handbrake, found at https://handbrake.fr/  It’s easy – just use the default settings for iPad.

Also, since I have iOS phones and tablets, and Kindle (Android) tablets, I save the files as MP4 files and not M4V files, because a Kindle will not play files with M4V extension.  These files are essentially the same, but the extension name is the key to the files playing or not on a Kindle.  Also, any files I did have with the M4V extension could be changed to a MP4 and the files play on both iPad and Kindle tablets.  An added plus is files made by Handbrake are much smaller than MKV file, yet their quality on tablets is stll very good.

My hope was that I could avoid all the work of converting the files that won’t play… 

@Mike: I’ll try the program you mention.

The Handbrake program is a popular program for this since ,1) it is free, and 2) it works!  It does take time for it to do its magic (a few hours for an hour long video)  since it compresses the file smaller and fits the video to a tablet-size format.  I make videos in iPad format and they play file on an iPhone and a Kindle, too.

You can keep your hope because there is a solution for no convert file…
Our MPW has the possibilities to use the DLNA protocol and there are thousand app that use it as well, I use MoliPlayer and I’m super happy, I watch in steaming every movies, music and pic, without copy or convert even 1 bit, unique point is the this program doesn’t convert the AC3 (yet) audio file but for this I use another app which name is cineXPlayer, basically do the same duty then the first but Moli has a better interface.
I hope I helped you.

Sergino, the MoliPlayer app sounds interesting – do you use just the free version or the $3 Pro version?

My experience with these sorts of apps is that they have playing issues with high quality mkv files made from blu-rays, and the source of the problem is not the app but rather the iPad processor itself.

Does anyone else have experience with this app?

Hello Sergino,

I don’t understand how do you playback avi or mkv files from the MyCloud app using an iPhone or iPad?



He doesn’t use the MyCloud App. He uses the MoliPlayer or cineXPlayer App, connected to the MPW DLNA Server, which streams the media to the player he chooses to use.

Those players must be DLNA Controllers and Renderers combined. In other words, they can see and play from the MPW DLNA Server over a network.

TonyPh12345 is right.

we know that MKV is not supported by iPad series. In order to play MKV on iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPad 4/iPad 3/iPad 2/iPad without any hassle, a widely recommended solution is to convert MKV to iPad more popular formats like MP4.

I use Faasoft Video Converter to convert MKV to iPad format. Works like a charm.

I installed VLC app on Ipad works great

Try VLC app on Ipad works great for me.

Yes, VLC works great with MKVs made from standard DVDs, although higher quality files made from blu-ray discs are a lot more challenging, and in some cases not really playable on iPad.  Besides, mkv files (vs mp4 files) are gigantic and use a lot more disc space on the MPW.  Nevertheless, it is worth installing VLC on the iPad.  It is free.

vlc no longer works (after new update) I was hoping for a player option like this. My smart tv has no problem with mkv and i wanted to maintain high picture quality for it, and still use my iphone as a passthrough when traviling to connect to other tv’s via hdmi.

Old news.  See this recent thread where we start discussing VLC for iOS on page 2.


Thank you i did read through many of those older threads, unless i missed something what i took from them was : there are sevral apps for ios that can play the mkv files but i won’t be able to use them to stream from another network. I bought the 4 tera byte drive so i could

  1. store my media off my pc( tired of ripping every time i do a system recovery)

  2. not have to compress files, i’ve spent to much building a quality home audio/video system to play subpar media

  3. access it from tv/stero, pc, mobile device (phone would be prefered but apple doesn’t make that easy)

 solution unless i find a diffrent app for now seems to be store 2 sets of files(no thanks) or buy a windows laptop for now. I think i could get my direct tv geni to “see” and play my media and stream it through my slingbox but this would be very cumbersome and probably slow as both my cloud and slingbox would strain wifi network.


I just get MPW & be finding solulion for this issue. The topic was over 6 months so I guess you had best way. Pls advance.

Thank you.

I have found a solution for that problem. I am using it now. I use a combination of two apps, WdConnector by Christian Schmitt and AVPlayer (with AC3 decoder) by EPLAYWORKS.

If you cannot use WdConnector outside your home, please disable the option “Allow to connect only with WLAN” in Settings of WdConnector.

There are many online apps can convert MKV video to MP4 video for playback on iPad, such as zamzar, Acethinker Video Converter, mediaconverter, etc. They are totally free, and you don’t have to download or install anything.

Online video converters are S L O W and the quality is very questionable. Instead, install the highly acclaimed FREE HandBrake program from the Video LAN website.