HELP-Playing downloaded .mkv files on ios

I know this topic has been touched upon a few times, but I don’t think anybody has come up with a solution for playing offline mkv files on an iPad via VLC.

My problem is that I can’t play downloaded mkv files (via the mycloud app). If I stream mkv files from my MyCloud Mirror on my iPad, VLC is automatically started which can then play the file format on the iPad…happy days!!!

However, this doesn’t happen with downloaded files on the mycloud app. My question is, how do I get it so that opening a downloaded file is the same as streaming one (i.e. Opens VLC).

All help would be appreciated! I’ve got a long car journey in two days and I need to download movies to stop my kids losing their minds!!


The My Cloud mobile App does not have an option to open media files through a different Media Player than the default.

Forget the my cloud app for this. What you need to do is learn how to download and store the videos into the VLC app of the iPad. I have done this in the past but forgot how; I would need to figure it out again.

Or, you could buy a WD WIrelsss Passport drive (I have one) and they could stream videos from there. Another option is get a Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick (flash drive) you can buy from Amazon is the 40GB stick, but the 200GB stick is a good value as well. I have both.

I have also converted a lot of my movie files to mp4/m4v format for iPad use using Handbrake program. They take up around 2GB versus 6GB or more space and work very well.

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