Playing MKV in the iOS my cloud app


I’m having a problem. I can play my mp4 files really well in the My Cloud app, but my mkv files won’t play. Yes, I understand that iOS does not natively play mkv files. What I usually do to get around that is use the Infuse player app on my iOS device.

My question: is there a way to export my mkv files from the My Cloud app into Infuse so that they can be played there?

I know that Infuse can import files from other apps, so I want to know whose end it’s on to make My Cloud and Infuse compatible. I’ve posted the same thing on the Infuse forum.

If I can’t export my mkv files into Infuse, is there a way I can have Infuse access my EX2 directly? When my iOS device is on the same network as the EX2, Infuse finds the NAS no problem. I don’t know how to make it do the same thing though when my iPad and my EX2 are on two seperate networks.

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If Infuse can see the NAS, why cant it select the file and play? Im lost by this variable.

Also, to make life easier, every time I get and MKV I convert it to an MP4 via MKVtoMP4 tool (Windows Only) which has made life much easier.

When Infuse can see the NAS, it can select the file and play; BUT, that is only when my iPad/iPhone and the NAS are on the same network. I don’t know how to/don’t know if it’s possible to set up Infuse so it can find the NAS as a share even when my iPad and the EX2 are on separate networks.

It seems the easiest solution is to allow the My Cloud app to export the mkv files into Infuse, which should be possible given My Cloud can export files (if I’m not mistaken) and Infuse can import them, but I don’t think it’s able to do it with Infuse as of now. Maybe there’s another third party player that the My Cloud app is capable of exporting to?

Given I have literally over 1000 mkv video files, it isn’t practical for me to convert every one of them to mp4.

If Infuse doesn’t allow you to import files from an external network (WAN) than I don’t see how you would be able to play them via Infuse. That seems to be a limitation of Infuse, not WD.

That tool actually convert them quicker than you think. It doesn’t re/de-encode. 

If you could export from WD while on an external netowrk (WAN), then import to Infuse, I don’t see why you couldnt play it. Again, That seems to be a limitation of Infuse, not WD.

I would check out some of these MKV iOS players and see if any can meet your needs.

Infuse can import files from WAN. Like, I know it can import files from Dropbox for example. Just that when I’m in the My Cloud app, I’m not given the option to export to Infuse and I don’t see an obvious way in Infuse to set up a share when you’re not on the same network as the drive. It has several options like FTP, but I don’t really know how to use them. I’m trying to tackle both sides to see if I can find a solution somewhere.

I mean, I’m sure those MKV players are fine, but Infuse can play MKVs just as well. I think the issue is that the My Cloud app doesn’t let me export videos to other appls.

Just looked, correct the WD Cloud app doesn’t let you. Unfortunate.

So many variables make this difficult.

iPhone cant play MKVs natively.
WD cloud app doesn’t export to 3rd party apps
So on and so forth.

Sorry I couldn’t help more :frowning:

Yeah, I guess that’s the problem. It seems like a major oversight to not allow the Cloud app to export to 3rd party apps. For example, if I wanted to export a pdf into my pdf editor app.

I hope WD looks into this. It seems like a feature that should be very easy to implement.

Totally agree you should make a feature request.

You can open some files via the WD Cloud App in other Apps, such as PDFs, Files and Pics but you can only EMAIL LINK with Videos and Music files.

So what if you EMAIL AS LINK, then DOWNLOAD the file, then import into 3rd part video app?


here is my current thinking - i may be an ■■■■■ though, so let me know if i am. :slight_smile:

I was thinking on installing  Handbrake video transcoder on my EX2, and use ssh to just run a command once in a while, and let the system automaticaly recode the videos…

seems hastle free. still researching though.

Does it seem like a viable alternative as well?

I have been using infuse with my ex2, I can stream to my iPad with infuse. Instead of selecting play you can select more and it will give you a option to download it. I have found using the myccloud app and select email link then cancel, it will allow you to select infuse to open.

Hmm, I tried that, but it didn’t seem to work. I find the mkv in the my cloud app, swipe left to get more options, click email, so then it opens the email window, which I guess is using the mail app to send it, hit cancel, it asks me if I want to save a draft and I say no, and then that’s it. No option to open in infuse.

Here is a pic for downloading. 

I have found a solution for that problem. I am using it now. I use a combination of two apps, WdConnector by Christian Schmitt and AVPlayer (with AC3 decoder) by EPLAYWORKS.

If you cannot use WdConnector outside your home, please disable the option “Allow to connect only with WLAN” in Settings of WdConnector.