Transmission client isn't available

me too got the same issue

I think I have found out the way it works. I didn’t know what exactly vi was when @Alex_AAFD told me. After checking the link out a second time, I know it is a kinda text editor for command lines. So, the complete process is…

  1. open terminal in MAC and write “ssh” (device IP)
  2. write ps and look for Transmission directory
  3. go to the directory: cd /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/Transmission/config (in my case)
  4. write in the prompt: vi settings.json. (if you want you can use “ls” command to see the files in it)
  5. look for “rpc-bind-address”: “”
  6. change the number by hitting r while the cursor is over the character to change, and then write 0. The same for. “7” and press x for “2” and “1” in order to delete them
  7. Save the file by writing at the end of the file :wq (first press escape a few times)
  8. restart the service as @iqboss suggested: pkill -HUP transmission-da
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anyone know how now i can install MC (midnight commander) on new system (5.0)?

and how to Permanently on this option ??

I am not professional user, this too complicated for me…

WD, please fix this!

Why not working this on OS 5?

I hope WD fix and improve the problem with Transmission. However I am happy with OS5 in general terms. It improves a lot the performance of my NAS. It is much faster and I haven’t got any disconnection anymore so far. I was thinking about substitute my EX2 Ultra because of that. When you improve something, other problems emerge; it’s normal as long as WD keeps improving the firmware.
Anyway, the decision about delivering firstly the OS5 without Transmission has been a big mistake, guys. Don’t do that again :smiling_imp:

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I have noticed my torrent port is not “opening” on my router. I even tried manually setting a port forward on my router.
But after OS5, nothing is the same…

I have fix it , not the best way , is working for me.

by changing this settings see 3 print screens links

Open the port on your router

I updated the setting.json file as described and restarted transmission.
Now I get below error when I fire the url:

Any ideas?

And I agree … WD should fix these issues! Not good advertising!

Hi, has anyone found a solution to access trasmission without the mycloud GUI “config” button? I can only access from the panel after the login, is very annoing and I can’t configure any app (e.g. android app) to access it directly from my lan. Plese help!

same problem. Anyone can explain us how to solve?