Theme: Kudos V6 - Hats off to JoeySmith and co!

This is a mod of JoeySmith’s excellent ALASKA RESURFACE REMIX (LIGHT / DARK) mixed with a mod of his Welo MiniMod, then I added some SteArm magic thrown in (Also sprinkled some DeVicious Gallery/Moviesheet Magic). This is a personal theme I made for myself and it is based on the talent of other fine artists. I take no credit what so ever… give them the KUDOS

Pictures from the Thumbgen Bundle (*FLICKR)

Non Moviesheet Theme (Link)



Covers are my mod of Frodo covers, so Full credits to “Frodo” over at the XBMC Forums:

Covers (Link) - There are about 25 different Covers in this ZIP File.

V6 Action.jpg

V6 Adventure.jpgV6 DRAMA.jpgV6 Musical.jpgV6 Romance.jpgV6 Animation.jpgV6 MUSIC.jpgV6 SCIFI.jpgV6 Chick Flick.jpgV6 COMEDY.jpg

Will make some more covers later (if there is any further interest).

Moviesheet Version - (Below)

This has a modified GALLERY View and THUMBGen Bundle for Moviesheets (TV and Movies), plus Custom Cobers (Movie, TV Sheet, TV Season and TV Series)

Moviesheet Theme (Link) - Beta 1

Moviesheet Bundle (link) ** Updated to fix Install Issue 15 Sept 2013



folder.jpgfolder.jpgBreaking.Bad.S05E01.Live Free or Die.jpg



Remember - All Credits (KUDOS) to Joey Smith, SteArm, Frodo (XBMC), Welo and the talented DeVicious.

Cheers LB



I just tried this theme out now and it’s superb. Hoping to get a thumbgen bundle or something to round this off. Theme runs fairly well on my devices and having the ability to wall my entire screen with movie/tv thumbs is of course amazing. It’s a miracle that we get some quality themes from these guys with such a limited device.

YOU ROCK. This is my NEW favorite theme. Been using COCO for a while, but wanted more images for videos and YOU did it.


Hey Lesterbangs,

Thanks for your work on this.

I have been eagerly anticipating the thumbgen bundle that you said would be “a few days”, but you said this 3 weeks ago!!

Sorry Ronmaz… still working on them… (Sheets based on a mod of DeVicious Sheet - Simplicity)…


Game of Thrones.S02E01.The North Remembers.jpg  

Cheers LB

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Hello nice theme but must the media libary turned off?

I for one am looking forward to the moviesheet version.

Excellent work


Posted… Moviesheet Version… 25/08/2013

Cheers LB

Fixed THUMBGEN Bundle Install Issues… Thanks for the messages informing me of the issue.

Cheers LB


Thanks for this nice theme. I have one problem though. When an IMDB-rating is below 5, the numbers turn red. No problem with that at all. The problem is the font’s readability. As you can see the characters are very “blurry” and hard to read. Is there any way you can fix this and update this nice theme?

Really appreciate your work with this and sharing it to us.

Best regards,



Navigate to the templates folder in Thumbgen

C:\ThumbGen\Templates\Darklight3 - Moviesheet

inside " Darklight3- Moviesheet" folder replace the template.xslt with this one…

i edited it to remove the RED


The ratings actually had 3 different colors … so i made them all the same color (white)

<xsl:template match="//TextElement[@Name=‘IMDB Rating’]">
      <xsl:apply-templates select="@*|node()"/>
        <xsl:when test=“myjs:getRatingPercent($RATING) >= 80”>
          <xsl:attribute name=“StrokeColor”> -16777216 </xsl:attribute>
          <xsl:attribute name=“ForeColor”> -2500135 </xsl:attribute>
        <xsl:when test=“myjs:getRatingPercent($RATING) >= 50”>
          <xsl:attribute name=“StrokeColor”> -16777216 </xsl:attribute>
          <xsl:attribute name=“ForeColor”> -2500135 </xsl:attribute>
        <xsl:when test=“myjs:getRatingPercent($RATING) >= 0”>
          <xsl:attribute name=“StrokeColor”> -16777216 </xsl:attribute>
          <xsl:attribute name=“ForeColor”> -2500135 </xsl:attribute>

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Hi Joey.

Big thanks for the fast reply.

Haven’t tried the new template-file yet, but I am sure it’s working fine.

Best regards.

Excellent mashup Lesterbangs! The exact combination of all the really cool stuff I saw on the Hub Theme forum but was too unskilled to combine them myself. This theme is awesome!

Excellent theme!, I love it!. Installed the moviesheets version

I have a couple of questions though. I’m pretty new with the SMP and with theming it in general using Thumbgen…

I see there are 3 templates in the bundle ins’t it?: DarklightMod3 Moviesheet, DarklightMod3 TV Season and DarklightMod3 TV Sheets . I get moviesheet is for movies but, what’s the difference between TV Season and TV Sheets?

Also, I’d like to use the thumbs without that film strip overlay. I’ve played a bit with the thumbgen editor and saw you can disable the overlay but didn’t want to touch anything because I don’t know what files I should edit to remove that overlay effect.  Is it possible?

Anyway, as I said, incredible theme for this little and limited machine :slight_smile:

Dibujor wrote:

Also, I’d like to use the thumbs without that film strip overlay. I’ve played a bit with the thumbgen editor and saw you can disable the overlay but didn’t want to touch anything because I don’t know what files I should edit to remove that overlay effect.  Is it possible?


If you do not want the strip overlay and are hesitant altering template code … then the “Safest Way” to remove the strip overlay is to edit the Graphics … ie. use an “Erase Brush” and then exit and save.

here’s an example using Freeware “GIMP” (just wave the erase brush around until you have a totally clear / blank graphic)

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Thanks Joey.

I see, I could alter the images.

In fact I’d love to have the sources (ie PSD’s) to the homescreen menu images to change them. I sure could do that (I’m an illustrator and know my way around PS and graphic programs). But I have the feeling this will end up bringing not so polished results.

Let’s see if I understand the other way of doing it. I could load the templates on the thumbgen designer, deactivate de visibility of the overlay layers and then save the template again, right?, Doing this for all the theme templates should work.

As per my other question I can’t find which are the differences. Looking at the available elements in the template folder of thumbgen doesn’t seem to help :), in fact I’m a bit more confused now.

Ok, I definitely don’t know how to use thumbgen with tv shows. I’ve managed to get the thumbnails without the overlays (well, sort of) but when the time comes to make the tv shows sheets…

  • On my hdd I have the tv shows using the common organization system, that is:





But, when I try to generate the sheets, apart for those two templates (TV season and TV Sheets)… for ThumbGen to generate all thumbs and sheets (Show Thumb, Season Thumb, Episode Thumb/Sheet), how’s the process?

Process files/folders and select the (ShowName) folder? or first select the Episode with one of those templates and then the complete (Showname) folder and run the other template?

I’m more and more confused lol.

P.S.- I don’t know if I’ve made myself clear… english is not my first language


There is a post on this forum that contains a tutorial that you can download. It explains how to use thumbgen for TV Shows. I hope it helps you.

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Hi ronmaz,

Thank you :). Yes, I downloaded and read that tutorial before asking here. I have a “basic” understanding of how thumbgen works. Usually you have one template for movies and another one for tv shows. All fine and dandy.

What confuses me is the fact that this theme seems to have two different profiles for tv shows:

DarkLightMod3 TV Season and DarkLightMod3  TV Sheets.


And if you look in the template folder for thumbgen you have 4 different templates related to TV Shows:

And I don’t know if I’m suposed to run one profile first, then the other or what. I’m pretty sure I’m being a fool here and the answer is really simple and everybody knows it ut after all this reading and investigating my brain is spinning in my head :).

It would be great if there was a section dedicated to smp theming with all step by step tutorials. But as it stands I’ve been collecting information here and there burning my eyes in the process :smiley:

I think I’ve guessed it :).

This is how I think it works for TV Shows with this theme:

If you use the profile TV Season you get all the thumbnails for Series, Season and episode (but not the actual episode moviesheet)

If you use the profile TV Sheets you get the moviesheet for the episode and thumbnails for Season and Episode but not for series. You can always generate and extra thumbnail for the series when THumbgen has got all the data (there’s an option) but this extra thumbnail won’t have the style of the theme. It will be just an apropriate sized image of the cover.

If you want the thumbnail using the actual style of the theme you can always run TV Sheets first and then TV Season and you’ll get the complete package :wink: