JSA720 *WIP Update* 26/01/2013

Inspired by XBMC Skin " JX720" by Author _ Jezz-X _

OK, started working on this again and made some progress today.

Views Done: Gallery View,Video Browse,Large Video Browse,List View,Preview Browse,Music Browse,Photo Browse

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Rainy Weekend coming up … will keep working on it and post *something* at the end of the weekend.

Lost power to the house over the weekend… got it back today …Monday  (Update Next Weekend)

This was Developed on Firmware 3.05.10 for the Live Hub and still works fine with 3.09.18 Update

Screenshots Below are From the “Linksheets” Version … if you don’t wan’t to use “Linksheets” then everything will still work … but you won’t have the Backgrounds.


Joey it looks great, Easy on the eyes

Boh - looks super, nice and fast…

Is the Theme only a test (i hope not)… :wink:



Nice work Joey, reminds me of my old xbox mod i once used ages ago.

This looks nice and fresh, I will check it out now. Its always a treat when you hand out some goodies :wink:

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

I gotta come back and say i love the look of the folders, frame and choice of color… fantastic!!

I also have always prefered the scrolling down over the side scrolling every theme seams to always use.

Nice work. I may incorporate the thumb/folder style into a theme i am working on with your premisson.



Thanks for the positive feedback :smiley:


Yes, i prefer scrolling Up & Down as well.




Yes, i’m working on the other “Views” i will release them as they get done.


 P.S. to Everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 

Looks really nice Joey.

Don’t you just love working on 2 different versions.:cry:

“What was I doing on this version?”:stuck_out_tongue:

And a SUPER HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and everyone else!!


@ Joey

That has me excited to hear you say your working on other views. Does this mean a complete theme in time?

Happy New Year to the people in the right time zone :smiley:

 Happy New Year to All :smiley:




That has me excited to hear you say your working on other views. Does this mean a complete theme in time?


Yep :smiley:




Thanks :smiley:   


Great idea and well designed - looking forward for more …

A happy New Year to all of you !!

Happy New Year !  Thanks

just some happy tiding

it’s really excellent work

I’ll be waiting for a fully function gallery view with linksheets

woo hoo :laughing:

I tried it yesterday and it is working very fine - thanks for your early version.

It is really worth having a look at it, the designed demo material is a great showcase, I did it sucessfully on the SMP  :smiley:

Have done a “Gallery View” today …

Metadata & Linksheets … and surprisingly the speed it “not too bad”   sure, it’s a little slower than the other views

but is “acceptable” in my opinion.

Will post the updated code tomorrow .

With “Linksheets”

Without “Linksheets” … Just Standard Posters


Excellent work as always Joey! 

I do like the vertical menu graphic approach (’ media’ text on left hand side running vertically up screen)

One QQ- I thought xml text (movie info) didn’t work well with linksheets, or is this part of the reason contributing to the speed factor?

This new style of the JSA720 Music-List view with fanart-background … a revolution, just fantastic.

Congratulations for it, Joey … keep going on with such artwork !

Thanks Steffen_2009

Was gonna post something this weekend … but lost electricity on sunday nite (thanks to “Oswald”)

… lasted 20 hours  …

only just got back on today.

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Sorry to hear about the power outage, i hate that.

It’s looking great, can’t wait till its ready for the big screen.


I’m liking this too.

I especially like the movie info up the right hand side.  Which view  is this? (Oh just noticed it is the folder view - I can’t seem to get Folder sheets to work on my SMP - Thumbgen settings maybe).

Also Joey I’m a noob at customisation but have programming experience and the XML’s are pretty straight forward.  However one thing I don’t know is what xml’s to definitely not touch.  Is there anywhere I can find out this out…which to modify and which ones not? Just now, I take a look at the xml’s I think I need to modify and see if the data that I want to change is in there. If not, I move to the next likely one.

Sorry for the extra questions :slight_smile: